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A Thorough Guide to Fix Green Lines on iPhone Screen through TunesKit

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A Thorough Guide to Fix Green Lines on iPhone Screen through TunesKit

Experiencing any fault in our iPhone is not less than a mini heart attack, but regardless of the age of your iPhone, any issue can hit it anytime.

Due to various culprits, iPhone won’t restore in recovery mode, iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo, iPhone’s green line of death are some of the top iPhone issues these days.

Well, TunesKit – an outstanding iOS repair tool – is one solution to all these problems!

If your iPhone shows green lines, you must install a convenient tool, TunesKit, to say goodbye to this issue.

Read this article till the end and learn the step-by-step guide to turning iOS to normal using TunesKit.

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A Thorough Guide to Fix Green Lines on iPhone Screen through TunesKit

Apparently, iPhone X and iPhone 7 users majorly experience green lines issues; the issue got more prevalent after iOS 15 software updates.

Very often, damage to the driver circuit or screen display becomes the culprit of green line issues.

In other cases, iOS system glitches, application conflicts, or bugs lead to the Green Line On iPhone Screen.

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There are various straightforward and handy methods to resolve this green line issue, such as forced restart of the iPhone, updating iOS to the latest version, and checking if the screen is wet.

In addition, you can also reset the iPhone completely, run recovery mode, or manage display settings.

However, these recovery options might bring the risk of losing your crucial data; one more reliable and safe solution is TunesKit – which can resolve this iPhone’s green line flaw and almost every iOS issue.

TunesKit iOS System Recovery – An Effective and Safe Repair Tool

The most crucial reason to try TunesKit for fixing iOS errors is its higher success rate – your critical data remains safe on the mobile. There is no fear of data leaking or losing!

The TunesKit recovery system can work for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV.

Let’s jump into the four steps guide on troubleshooting the iPhone visibility issues through the iOS System Recovery tool.

Step 1: Install the TunesKit Software

Like every time, the first step is to download, launch, and run the TunesKit iOS System Recovery tool.

Step 2: Pair the iPhone to Computer

Once the TunesKit application is installed on your desktop, tap on its icon to activate it. Pair the iPhone to the desktop through the Apple USB cable – to detect if the connection is safely made.

Hit the Start button to let the process proceed.

connect iphone to pc

Step 3: Standard Repair Mode

On the pop-up window, choose “Standard Repair Mode” to begin iOS repairing. The Standard Mode is better than the advanced one as the letter one brings the data loss issue.

select a repair mode

After choosing the mode, you will be prompted to the following interface; choose the device model to get fixed. Next, go with the provided instructions to turn your iPhone to DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode.

Tap “Next Button” to proceed on.

Note: Exit the DFU mode if your iPhone is broken and use the “Exit Recovery Mode” or “Enter Recovery Mode” available on the main interface.

Step 4: Download Firmware Package

The window will be prompted to the new interface and prepared to download the firmware package to troubleshoot the iPhone issue.

download iphone firmware package

Note: If your firmware package doesn’t match your device information, you will not be capable to download it. In this case, make the required changes and re-click the Download button to begin the downloading process.

Step 5: Fix Green Line on iPhone Screen – Final Step

After finishing the firmware download process – get happy – you are one hit away. Tap the “Repair” button, and the repair process will be accomplished within a few minutes.

fix green lines on iphone screen

Note: A simple yet essential thing – ensure that in this entire repairing process, the iPhone is constantly connected to the desktop; otherwise, the situation can get even worse.

So these were the quick five steps to fix iOS to normal – any technophile and starter can try this tool without any tech know-how. In addition to fixing iOS issues, the TunesKit iOS System Recovery software can also update and downgrade iPhone software. Additionally, this app can also fix iTunes-related issues in just one click.

If you want to get further detail on how to fix iPhone green lines using TunesKit, you can watch this video:


  • 100% safe and effective
  • Worth the time
  • Do not lose the data
  • Fix 150+ iOS problems
  • Smooth and simple interface
  • Offer standard and advanced modes
  • Repair several tvOS/iOS issues automatically


  • Not Linux friendly

The Key Takeaway

The iPhone, along with bringing limitless fun and royalty, also carries plenty of risks, such as a black screen, boot loop, iPhone stuck on Apple logo, white screen, the green line in the iPhone screen, white screen, and many others. To resolve all these problems straightforwardly, TunesKit is ready to hold you back!

Above, we have explained a user guide that you can follow to fix the green line issue with a 100% secure app, ad-free, and malware-free application.

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