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Epic Games Store Is Planning To Do a Christmas Advent Gaming Giveaway Again

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Epic Games Store Is Planning To Do a Christmas Advent Gaming Giveaway Again

(CTN News) – While some people have an absolute loathing for the Epic Games Store (for reasons I’ve never entirely determined), it’s difficult to deny that with its fourth birthday coming up next week, it’s difficult to deny that it has done a remarkable job in very quickly establishing itself as a truly viable alternative to Steam as a storefront.

Certainly, the EGS has played a major role in this success. It made its debut several years ago, and has consistently given away free games to its members as a result.

In light of the fact that Christmas is rapidly approaching, people were clearly curious to see if the Epic Games Store would be making a repeat of its ‘advent calendar’ events that had been seen in 2020 and 2021.

The fact that the EGS will hold another major Christmas gaming giveaway promotion is confirmed by a reliable leak source, according to a report over at Eurogamer.

The promotion is expected to kick off around the 15th December.

Christmas Giveaway 2022 at the Epic Games Store!

For those of you unfamiliar with the promotion, the Epic Games Store currently holds a ’12 days of Christmas’ promotion in which a free game will be offered to players every day in the run-up to or shortly after December 25th as part of its ’12 days of Christmas’ event.

In the last year, this proved to be extremely popular with a number of major titles becoming available for EGS account holders to own and keep for life. This was incredibly popular last year.

It has been reported that no details have been released yet regarding what might be included in the Christmas 2022 event. However, overall, for PC gamers, this is a convenient way to get all kinds of gaming goodness at the same time. This is especially during this time of year when many are able to take a bit of time off from work.

There is, of course, the Epic Games Store here where you can keep an eye on what is happening. In the event that we get any news regarding the games that might be landing during the advent event, however, we will of course let you know as soon as we hear about it.


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