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4 Advanced and Easy Way How to Make Blurry Video Clearer



Make Blurry Video Clearer

Videos recorded on your devices are essential, and you don’t want to lose them. But some incidents occur that lead to the loss of video files from your computer or smartphone. Then Don’t get panic; it happens to almost everyone. If your videos are deleted or damaged for any reason, then read this article carefully. This article will get some advanced and possible methods to recover your lost video. For an easy video recovery, here we will help you recover your video through manual processes and advanced wondershare Recoverit as well. So, let’s move ahead and know how to recover your missing videos.

Some Common Reasons for Videos Loss

We stored video files in-camera, laptop, smartphone, USB, PC, Mac, memory card, etc. But video files can get damaged in the blink of an eye for any reason. The unexpected video loss due to file corruption can be irritating. You must be aware of the primary causes of video loss to avoid video loss in the first place. A video file has many structural elements such as file header, footer, data frame, sound section, slider, etc. They also contain media format, codecs, indexes issue, and metadata information necessary to play a video. But when any single part in the file gets damaged, your video won’t open. Any error or issue can damage the video file. Besides this issue, various problems can cause the loss of video files. Here I present some common reasons loss of video.

  • If there is a Virus attack or malware in your system, the files become inaccessible.
  • The abrupt camera shuts down while you are watching the video.
  • Insufficient video file extension
  • Physical damage to storage drives due to water, broken, heat, etc
  • Improper computer shutdown while downloading or editing video.
  • When your operating system gets crashes, it occurs video loss
  • Unacceptable video file transfer from camera to PC or memory card.
  • When accidental deletion of files due to human error
  • Remain bad sectors in the storage drive
  • Software updates bugs or issues
  • Due to power failure
  • Mechanical storage device damaged
  • Improper inserting the memory card from the computer or smartphone

Easy ways to Recover Lost Video Files

There are many reasons to recover lost videos files. Here, i present some manual and advanced recovery ways.

Method 1: Check the Recycle Bin\ Trash

By default, Windows and Mac computers move deleted files into a recycle bin or trash whose motive is to give users a chance to recover their deleted video files. Windows 7,8, 10, and older versions have to reclaim bin option, and Apple calls it trash. If you want to recover your video file, you should go through these steps.

  1. Go to your device and recycle bin option.
  2. Please open it, and you see your deleted videos file. Now open from the menu.
  3. To restore your file, check the box on the left of the filename.
  4. Select location on your windows and right-click on it. also, select restore

Method 2: Go through your backups

You can prevent data loss through backup options. When you fail to recover data in recycle bin, then you go through your backups and look for the lost video files. You can recover video files by following these steps.

  1. First, launch the traditional control panel. Go to settings and select system and security. Then select file history from the menu where remain personal storge.
  2. Select the location where you saved your video files and check available backups to see if any contain them. Then, sort the files you want to recover and select the green Restore option for video recovery.

Method 3: Use Professional Video Recovery Tool Wondershare Recoverit.

You can recover video files by using the above ways. You also can prevent file corruption by carefully managing your video stored on PC, Mac, SD card, Android, DSLR, etc. But if you fail to backup your video using these methods, you can trust the Wondershare Video Recoverit tool. It can fix damaged video files in most situations. Recoverit tool recovers any broken or deleted data. Only you should go through 4 easy steps to recover your video file. So, let’s start.

Step 1:

Firstly, you need to launch the Recoverit video recover software on your devices.

Step 2:

After launch, the software, select the recycle bin folder to get started.

Step 3:

Then, click the start button to begin scanning. This tool will start the location to search your lost video files. It may take a minute.

Step 4:

Now you need to wait for the scanning process. After completing this process, this tool will display the results of the video recovery, and you can preview the video file before saving your location. If you are satisfied with these advanced results, select the videos you wish to save and click on the Recover button.

Why I suggest the Wondershare Recoverit tool

Wondershare Recoverit tool is a widespread and popular intelligent software for its low cost and professional services. It is the best video recovery tool that recovers video in every format, both in windows and Mac. It also helps you how to make a blurry video clear perfectly. Here I mentioned some standard features of the Recoverit video recover software.

  • We lose video files for reasons like accidental deletion, formatting, virus or malware attacks, bugs issues, unknown codes, etc. Recoverit tool gives you any problem solution.
  • Wondershare Recoverit has 95 percent of cases successfully recovered records. So, it is the best recovery tool compared to any other agency.
  • It has advanced recovery algorithms which recover deeply hidden in your storage.
  • It can restore 1k file formats without any charge or risk.
  • It is balanced over 2000 storage devices. It can recover files from any storage device like DSLR, smartphone, hard drives, SD cards, and external disk.

Closing Words:

After reading this article, you already understand video recovery is neither magic nor rocket science. If you lost or corrupted your video files anyhow, don’t worry, calm down and go with Advanced video recovery software Wondershare Recoverit. It’s a very professional tool, and you can get magic results after a few minutes. Even you can recover permanently deleted videos on your devices. Using the Recoverit tool, you learn how to make video clearer. It can fix blurry or smudged video perfectly. Now you can recover your lost video and can remove blurriness as well.


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