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Apple Event: Details About the March 8 ‘Peek Performance’

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Apple Event

What’s happening

A major product announcement is about to take place at the world’s most valuable tech company.

Why it matters

The company’s first Apple Event of the year may not get the attention it gets during its iPhone events in September, but it’s an opportunity to highlight all of its other products.

What’s next

During its summer Apple Event, Apple will be expected to reveal the next iPhone and free software upgrades to come in the fall.

Next Tuesday, March 8 at 10 a.m. PT is the date for Apple’s next Apple Event. Rumours suggest Apple will unveil a third iPhone SE at this presentation, along with a redesigned iPad and a new Mac.

As part of Apple’s all-virtual Apple Event, the company will livestream the device announcement on the company’s website through a livestream. This is the first time Apple has broadcast news from its headquarters in Cupertino, California, said the company. As early as two years ago, the tech giant hosted online-only conferences to raise awareness about the pandemic. As the omicron variant wanes and Apple’s employees begin to return to their offices, Apple is determining when they will be able to return.

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Apple’s invitation to the media, sent in an email, depicts a rainbow Apple logo that seems to move across a black background, giving the impression that the logo is in motion. The tagline for the Apple Event reads, “Peek Performance.” Apple wasn’t saying which products it plans to announce — it almost never does — but in its marketing page for the Apple Event it included an augmented reality effect that might hint at some aspect of the Apple Event.

In addition to the Spring Apple Event, Apple also announced that it will keep its timing for product releases as planned. Product launches are typically held during the Spring, Summer and Fall. Apple has changed its Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2020, as the pandemic spreads across the world, into a virtual event with slickly edited videos replacing live presentations. It seems that so far, it is working for them. In the last few months, Apple has continued to earn record profits and sales.

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In the past two years, the company said that customers have particularly responded to the 5G wireless internet upgrades that have been made to its iPhone models. As Patrick Holland noted in his review of the iPhone 13 last year, Apple had delivered a “delightful upgrade,” noting in particular the camera improvements and the battery life improvement.

As well, Apple says demand for brand-new chips it designed for use in iPads and Mac computers has consistently outstripped supply, with a pent-up demand of more than $12 billion. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook during a conference call with financial analysts in January, “customer satisfaction is off the charts.”. In addition to helping attract new customers, this technology is also helping upgraders get into the market.

There is also a chance of Apple announcing its upcoming iOS 15.4 software, a free update for its most recent iPhones and iPads, at the upcoming Apple Event. Earlier in the year, it was reported that the company is developing a Face ID unlocking feature that is compatible with medical masks as well as anti-stalking alerts for its AirTag smart trackers.

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