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2 Thailand Players Banned For 6 Month for Brawling at SEA Games

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(CTN News) – After fights during the men’s football final at the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) on May 16 in Cambodia, the Football Association of Thailand banned two players from national matches for six months and suspended three personnel for a year.

FA Thailand Issues Bans and Suspensions Over Brawl Incident

The Thai Football Association said that the broadcast episode had damaged the sport’s reputation in the country.

Three members of the Thai national football team’s personnel have been suspended for a year after an incident was investigated by a Football Association of Thailand committee.

Prasobchok Chokmor, Pattravudh Wongsripeuk, and Mayeed Mudadum are their proper names.

The committee felt they should have served as an example because they are senior employees with years of expertise and responsibility to train the players.


But because they joined in on the fighting, the committee had no choice but to impose the harshest possible punishments.

Both goalkeeper Soponwit Rakyart and substitute Teerapak Pruengna responded to provocation and game pressure by joining the fight.

The committee stated that their punishment was reduced because both young athletes expressed regret and publicly apologized for their actions.

They got a six-month ban from participating in any national team competition.

When the referee sounded the whistle to award a penalty to Thailand, Indonesia held a 2-1 advantage in the second half.

However, the opposing team’s coaches mistook this for the end of the game and ran onto the pitch in celebration.

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Indonesian Victory Overshadowed by Brawls and Misconduct in SEA Games Football Final

The penalty kick evened the score at 2-2 for Thailand. After the goal, the Thai team’s coaches and players started making fun of their Indonesian opponents. The first broadcast fight broke out.

An Indonesian forward, Titan Agung was spotted swinging and kicking at the Thai coaches. Then, players and coaches from both sides got involved, and the outcome was a bench-clearing brawl.

The battle extended across a fourth of the stadium, and the referees could not stop it.

After Indonesia scored to make the score 3-2, its players mocked Thailand to incite a response. Then, another fight broke out.

After a 5-2 victory over Thailand, Indonesia was declared the winner and awarded the gold medal.

ORIGINAL STORY: Thai Football Apologize for Brawls in SEA Games Final Against Indonesia

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