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Why buying Gemstone Engagement Ring is better than Diamond?



Why buying Gemstone Engagement Ring is better than Diamond?

This is a question everyone has and wants to know. We are going to help you determine which engagement rings are better to purchase is for the long term.

Why buying Gemstone Engagement Ring is better than Diamond?

Yes, Diamonds are a standard that was promoted by DeBeers for decades calling “A Diamond is forever”. This campaign was a huge hit and still the epitome of the wedding industry. But DeBeers control more than 60% of the diamond production around the world which means keeping the simple demand and supply consistent to keep a steady increase in pricing.

Diamonds are one of the most common types of stone from the earth and a quick example is when you are looking for a perfect Diamond approx. 1ct VVS G-H Color, you will be giving 100’s of diamonds to choose from! Do you feel it is really rare? Nope! Diamonds are way too common and are not really rare.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a gemstone engagement ring, like Ruby Rings, Sapphire Rings, or Emerald Rings. You will notice that it is really difficult to find the perfect gemstone and each one of the gemstones has its own unique characteristics.

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Why do people choose Diamond Engagement Ring?

The pros of a diamond engagement ring are Brilliance, Durable, Price and Availability. The cons are Common, Not Unique and Everywhere.

Now if we see the pros and cons of gemstone rings – Pros, Unique, Colorful, Bigger and Rare.

We, the next generation of people on earth need to consider these factors especially when the large corporations control the pricing of diamonds and there is a lot of shady unethical things happening around the diamond industry which are tarnished with the help of large news agency and marketing.

Coloured gemstones are available in all colours and can be very inexpensive sometimes. One of the most popular engagement rings nowadays is Tanzanite Rings which resembles the Blue sapphire colour and is affordable as well. And for people who love candy-like colours, there are Tourmaline rings which is a great add-on as well.


It is Colored gemstone engagement rings are far rarer than diamond engagement rings and if you are looking to make it special then yes, we recommend you to choose a gemstone ring, but if you are ok being the norm, nothing special and want something quickly, a diamond ring will be your choice.

Be different. Buy one of a kind jewellery.

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