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Powerball Numbers: 60million Jackpot Thursday Draw Results Revealed



Powerball Numbers

In drawing 1356, the Winning Powerball numbers were 18, 16, 22, 14, 4, 7 and 9, while the Powerball was 10.

This is the fifth consecutive week in which there was no division one winner, meaning the jackpot is now worth $80 million, which is now up for grabs next Thursday night.

  • Powerball’s $60million jackpot was won Thursday night
  • According to draw 1356, the winning Powerball numbers are 18, 16, 22, 14, 4, 7, 9 and the Powerball is 10.
  • A $80million jackpot awaits the winner of division one next week after no division one winners were reported 

The 60-million-dollar Powerball jackpot has left millions of Aussies checking their tickets in the hope of becoming the next instant multimillionaire.

Three NSW winners are among ten division two winners who will each receive $95,476.55, while 124 winners in the third division will share $583,469.60.

In Thursday night’s draw, one in six Australian adults is expected to have purchased a ticket, making it the third biggest jackpot so far in 2022.

There are expected to be one in four Australian adults buying a ticket for next week’s draw. The drawing is scheduled for 8.30 pm, on Tuesday, May 19.

One person will become Australia’s biggest lottery winner in 2022 if they win next week’s entire $80 million Powerball jackpot.

There will be a lot of traffic leading up to this big draw, with one in four Australian adults expected to enter, so make sure to get your entry in early to avoid the late rush, said The Lott spokesman Matt Hart.

We’ll call you straight after the draw to let you know if you’re a division one winner if you register your entry.

Three Powerball $80 million prizes were won in 2021.

NSW players won $40 million each in April of the previous year.

Four months later, he became the state’s biggest individual lottery winner.

A group of 55 women from a gym in Western Australia got their Christmas early in December.

More than $226.6 million has been collected so far from Powerball division one winning entries in 2022.

In addition to NSW, Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia each have won one.

According to Mr Hart, two-thirds of those winning entries were QuickPicks, a system that automatically chooses the Powerball numbers for you when you buy a ticket.

The Power hit entries accounted for one-third of 2022 winning Powerball numbers, which ensures you have the important Powerball number.

As a safety precaution, Mr Hart recommends that players log on to their online accounts directly after the draw to check their Powerball numbers rather than waiting for Powerball to contact them.

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