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Taxi Cab Driver Arrested for Robbing Drunken Frenchman

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Taxi cab Driver Arrested for Robbing Drunken Frenchman

A Frenchman has filed charges against a taxi cab driver who allegedly robbed him of Bt50,000 after he passed out inebriated.

The taxi driver was later arrested in front of a hotel in Bangkok’s Khlong Toei Nuea area on Thursday.

Manuel Boyer, 32, a French national with a background in information technology, filed a complaint with Thong Lor police that his Lacoste brand bag containing cash and valuables totaling 54,200 baht had gone missing.

According to the Bangkok Post, the incident occurred in front of a Lawson 108 convenience store in Soi Sukhumvit 22.

On April 23, a video clip surfaced on a popular Facebook page showing Mr. Boyer being robbed by the taxi cab driver in front of the shop at around 4 am.

The Facebook post included a message from the Frenchman’s girlfriend alleging he fell asleep in the taxi cab inebriated. She stated that the taxi driver allegedly stole his Lacoste bag, which included his passport and other items.

After launching an investigation and gathering evidence, police were able to secure a warrant for the taxi driver’s arrest on theft charges.

During the police investigation, records revealed that the taxi driver had previously been indicted for possession of illicit drugs.

Upon a police search of his rented room officers found the Lacoste bag belonging to the victim. The driver admitted to police he had sold the Frenchman’s iPhone to a shop in Huai Khwang market.

The taxi cab driver told police that he initially intended to wake up the passenger, but after noticing his valuables, he changed his mind. Instead of waking him, he decided to keep the valuables and sell them to cover his debts.

Currently, the cabbie is being held at the Thong Lor police station for further legal proceedings.

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