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Thailand’s Prime Minister Sidelined by Constitutional Court

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Thailand's Prime Minister Sidelined by Constitutional Court

Thailand’s Constitutional Court has suspended Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha from his Premiership until a ruling on his tenure.

August 23, 2022 marked the completion of his eight years in office. In accordance with the current Constitution, a prime minister may serve no more than eight consecutive terms.

As of Yesterday (August 24th), Prayut was suspended from his duties as prime minister immediately by the Constitutional Court, with the judges voting 5:4 to accept a petition of his tenure by the opposition.

The Constitutional court accepted the petition from Thailand’s opposition parties questioning the eight-year tenure of Gen Prayut. Ordering him suspended from his position as Prime Minister until the judges’ ruling. The order takes effect immediately.

In the meantime, Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan will assume the role of prime minister until the Constitutional Court judges decide on Gen Prayut’s future as premier.

Gen Prayut will remain in cabinet as Thailand’s Defense Minister, a government spokesperson told a press briefing.

93% of People in Thailand Want Prayut Gone

93% of People in Thailand Want Gen Prayut Gone

In anticipation of the Constitutional Court’s decision, a majority of Thai people who detest Gen Prayut have been holding their breath. How long will Prayut be able to rule for? Has his time run out?

Many people are sure to be dissatisfied with the court’s decision.

On Saturday and Sunday, media outlets and academics participated in a mobile phone vote about Prayut’s tenure. In a poll of 374,063 votes, 93.17 per cent voted against Prayut serving as PM for longer than eight years, while 6.83 per cent voted in favor.

Following the overwhelming “no” votes, the network stated that Prayut’s fate would be decided by the Constitutional Court.

There was hope that Gen Prayut would resign, thereby preventing the country from experiencing the political heat generated by anti-government protests.

Furthermore, paving the way for democratic elections to elect a more competent Prime Minister to face Thailand’s big challenges.

Meanwhile, anti-government demonstrators staged lawful rallies in Bangkok against Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha over his eight-year tenure.

Before rallies against Gen Prayut, police blocked off routes to Government House with shipping containers and razor wire. Containers were also placed adjacent to Government House on Chamai Maruchet Bridge.


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