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10 Ways You Hold The Steering Wheel Tell Your Personality



The way that each person holds the steering wheel varies. Did you also know that every gesture might reveal something about your personality? Let’s check its accuracy!

10 Ways You Hold The Steering Wheel Tell Your Personality

1. Hold the position at 10 and 2 o’clock

In an emergency, this kind of steering wheel grip is considered a typical, relatively safe position. A “perfectionist” is someone who values flawlessness and perfection.

2. 12 o’clock position with one hand

Men are more likely than women to hold the steering wheel in this way. This posture suggests that you are a person who enjoys putting others down. Enjoys demonstrating his dominance over common people.

That could also be a pretentious dude.

3. 9 o’clock position with one hand

Although number 2 is also held with one hand, the symbolism is practically the exact opposite.

Because holding the steering wheel in that position with just one hand frequently demonstrates your preference for simplicity, unpretentiousness, simple thoughts, etc.

4. Place one hand on the steering column.

Putting one hand on either side of the steering wheel demonstrates your sense of adventure and your willingness to take on new challenges. If you’re unsure, try observing those around you.

5. Hold under the steering wheel with your hand facing up.

The bottom of the steering wheel should be grasped with the hand pointing up. Demonstrates your strong leadership by giving commands.

6. Hold under the steering wheel with your hands down.

The preceding point and this one are related. But employ the technique of turning your hand to the wheel. shows that you are a spirited individual. want to assist others and have a certain interest

7. Grasp the steering column with both hands.

Driving a steering wheel of this type demonstrates that you are a straightforward, quiet person who dislikes displaying a lot.

8. Don’t touch the steering wheel at all!

Those who prefer to operate the steering wheel with their legs rather than their hands So you’re presuming that, like the Tesla Model S, your car has Autopilot.

9. Grasp the position 11 and 1 o’clock with the palm of your hand.

Gripping the wheel demonstrates that you are under pressure, nervous, rushing to get somewhere, etc.

10. Honk the horn often.

If the area surrounding the car horn is especially scratched, Considering how I prefer to frequently press the trumpet and what it is.

Manifest your impatience Often becoming angry to the point where it can become violent Not at all good


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