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Best States to Live

Best States to Live – Studies have shown that Americans move 11.3 times in a lifetime. The bottom line is that no matter how satisfied you are with your current living situation.

everyone longs for the metro dream life of cities like New York where the quality of life is favorable.

If you’ve made up your mind to start afresh in a new city but don’t know which state to choose, we’ve compiled some of the best states to live in the US in this guide.


Median home price: $521,277

Average household income: $77,210

The average cost of living: $117,180

Median rent: $1,258

The nation’s capital takes the lead in our list of best states to live in 2022.

Washington is one of the three most populous metro areas in the United States, after San Francisco and San Jose, California.

But, what makes the state standout is the low unemployment rate, which ranks the nation’s capital as the second-best employment market in America.

Statistics reveal that 60% of Washington’s population growth is thanks to the continuous influx of migrants pursuing different goals from job opportunities to promising climate, nature, environment, high-income jobs, low crime rate, and quality education.

New Hampshire

Median home price: $400,785

Median household income: $76,768

The average cost of living: $5,826

Median Rent: $1,748

After Washington, New Hampshire ranks 2nd on our list.

Recent statistics reveal that among the 50 states in the United States, New Hampshire ranks the fourth highest in inbound moves with a 61% increase in the number of migrants.

In short, more and more people are choosing New Hampshire as a place to start afresh.

The reason may be because New Hampshire offers stunning highland and woodland views, a low standard of living, a low crime rate, high-quality education, and a place to experience all four seasons.

It could also be because new migrants know that New Hampshire’s job market continues to expand with industries like It, Tech, healthcare, and manufacturing boosting economic growth.


Median home price: $285,786

Median Rent: $1,150

Average household income: $71,306

Average cost of living: $3,795

Minnesota is another best US state to live in. In 2019 alone, the US census bureau revealed that over 18,403 people, making 35% of the current population moved to Minnesota.

Fast track to 2022, and its population has risen considerably high.

The only drawback to relocating to Minnesota is that people rarely focus their radar on the state when considering relocation plans.

But, this shouldn’t be so as Minnesota boats of envious public transits, award-winning natural outdoor parks, affordable homes, and an increasing economy thanks to multi-national startups like 3M and Target.

Minnesota also boasts of unambiguous tax policies that assure equity and equality, a diverse population, and expanding arts and culture scenes.

Rhode Island

Median home price: $434,767

Median Rent: $1,400

Average household income: $64,994

Average cost of living: $291,700

In 2021, Rhode Island was among the top New England states with high inbound migration, with a total population of new migration at 59.1%.

The higher population of the new migrants, typically people between the elderly and retired Americans, express their choice of relocating to this state is to enjoy the calming environment while improving their average life expectancy and enjoy family company.

Plus, Rhode Island boasts of an 11.8% low poverty rate compared to the 13.1% national poverty rate. For this reason, Rhode Island is one of the best places to live in the US.


Median home price: $794

Median Rent: $1077

Average household income: $74,305

Average cost of living: $47,397

In 2021, Vermont ranked as the No 1 US state with the highest inbound immigration at 74%.

Research shows that this sudden influx of people into Vermont is due to the diverse yet safe neighborhoods Vermont offers.

Vermont residents can also enjoy a wealth of outdoor activities, a high-paying job market, a stable healthcare network, friendly people, and a full-on snow season that new migrants want to experience.


Median home price: $361,900

Median Rent: $1,963

Average household income: $60,122

Average cost of living: $361,900

Maryland is one of the US’s small states but also one of the wealthiest in the nation. In 2021 alone, Maryland had over 56% of new immigrants.

But, what makes living within this region an interesting choice is it sits between two of the largest US states, Washington and New York City. Hence, Maryland residents can enjoy the perks of convenient urban life.

The best part of living in Maryland is you get to enjoy the sea and mountain lifestyle without traveling a far distance.

If you’re considering moving to Maryland, places like Beltsville, Columbia, College Park, and Mount Airy are good neighborhoods with cheap home prices.


Median home price: $273,100

Average household income: $74,222

Average living cost: $3,165

Median rent: $1,234

Several factors, from affordable living standards to safe communities, high-earning salary jobs, and high educational attainment rates, make Virginia a good place to make a fresh start.

But, surpassing these factors is that Virginia is richly blessed with small friendly suburbs.

Top towns in Virginia favorable for new migrants includes Alexandria, Richmond, Hampton, Falls Church, Manassas Park, Lexington, and even Roanoke.


Median Home Price: $632,943

Average Annual Salary: $73,850

Average living cost: $4,100

Median rent: $1,129

Ranking eight among the best states to live in USA is Massachusetts.

This region is known for offering a high quality of life, education, good air quality, innovative commute, and a remarkable range of healthcare centers.

Besides this wealth of offers, you’ll discover a host of captivating Massachusetts suburbs, coastlines, and sceneries that leaves a lasting impression.

Some neighborhoods you should consider moving to in Massachusetts include Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Wellesley, and Hingham.


Median Home Price: $239,574

Average Annual Salary: $82,306

Average living cost: $205,200

Median rent: $672

Like the other best US states on this list, Nebraska offers new immigrants fascinating advantages, from the low cost of living to low median rent, which is among the lowest in the United States as it falls 40% below the national average.

But of all the cheapest places to consider, North Dakota offers cheap options for Nebraska residents.


Median home price: $481,088

Median household income: $81,215

Average cost of living: $4,100

Median Rent: $1,353

Last on our list is the beautiful Colorado region.

Cities like Boulder and Denver make Colorado a fascinating place to stay as they offer high educational standards, an active lifestyle, walkable roads, a plethora of architectural industries, and high-paying jobs.

But, the best part of moving to Colorado is enjoying the perks of the mountain urban vibe.


Everybody loves the idea of getting a better job, education, affordable housing, and quality living standards, especially when places that offer these perks are big metro areas.

But the truth is that no single state can have it all. If you plan on moving to a new state but can’t decide, a good removal company like providence moving company can help you.

All you need do is visit to get quick help.

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