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World’s Oldest Man Jose Paulino Gomes Dies at 127



World's Oldest Man Jose Paulino Gomes Dies at 127

(CTN News) – As the world mourns the passing of Jose Paulino Gomes, believed to be the oldest man in history, his remarkable life and legacy continue to captivate hearts.

Jose Paulino Gomes Born on August 4, 1895, in Corrego do Cafe, Brazil, Jose lived through monumental historical moments, witnessing the advent of the first proms, the inaugural rugby league football game, and the discovery of X-rays.

Although his age had been a subject of rural customs affecting documentation accuracy, his family’s unwavering conviction of his extraordinary lifespan is a testament to his remarkable journey.

Jose Paulino Gomes’ Choice of Countryside-Sourced Goods

Jose Paulino Gomes was renowned throughout his life for his preference for simplicity and deep connection with nature. Working as an animal trainer, he shunned industrialized products in favor of goods sourced from the countryside.

His diet consisted of locally grown or raised produce, a testament to his commitment to living in harmony with the land. Even as he aged, his fondness for a rustic lifestyle and an occasional drink remained steadfast.

Jose’s passing leaves behind a rich tapestry of familial love and devotion. He is survived by seven children, 25 grandchildren, 42 great-grandchildren, and 11 great-great-grandchildren, all of whom cherish cherished memories of their time with him. These warm recollections reflect a life well-lived, filled with love and nurturing bonds that spanned generations.

Despite uncertainties surrounding his official age due to rural customs affecting registration practices, Jose’s family remains confident that he lived well past a century.

His granddaughter, Eliane Ferreira, shared that people in the countryside are often registered at an older age, leading to discrepancies in documentation. To confirm his true age, the family looked up the registry office, uncovering evidence that suggested he was well over 100, possibly even 110 years old.

Jose Paulino Gomes was not one to be restrained by age. Until four years before his passing, he continued to ride horses, a testament to his vitality and adventurous spirit. Only in his final month did he find himself confined to a bed, a natural progression for someone who had lived such an extraordinarily long life.

As Jose Paulino Gomes bid farewell to the world, his departure was marked by the natural progression of multiple organ failure. His passing was expected given his age, but it in no way diminished the deep sense of loss felt by those who knew and loved him. His final resting place is at Pedra Bonita’s Corrego dos Fialhos Cemetery, where his memory will be forever treasured.

While Jose’s status as the oldest man in history is yet to be officially confirmed by Guinness World Records, the world recognizes the magnitude of his life’s journey. His legacy transcends records engraved in the hearts of his loved ones, the Brazilian countryside, and beyond.

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