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Woman Gives Birth to a Healthy Baby Boy Inside a 7-Eleven



Woman Gives Birth to a Baby Boy Inside a 7-Eleven

A 26-year-old woman has given birth to a healthy baby boy inside a 7-Eleven store in central Thailand’s Samut Prakan Province. She decided to name the baby boy seven.

The woman was shopping inside the store with her husband before heading to the hospital.

According to a 7-Eleven store employee, the woman started screaming for help as she started into labor inside the store.

An employee from the 7-Eleven store ran to a police checkpoint and informed them that a woman was giving birth inside the store.

Police summoned rescue workers and rushed to the store and found the woman in front of the cashier. The 26-year-old was laying against a shelf holding a crying baby boy.

She received immediate first aid care from the team. An ambulance from the hospital was notified and came to pick up the woman and her baby boy.

The husband told Thai media that this is their second child and he was scheduled to be born on the 13th.

He said they decided to come to 7-11 and get some items in preparation for the birth.

While walking inside the 7-11 store his wife’s water broke and she suddenly went into labor. She fell to the floor and the baby boy was born shortly after.

The now father of two said, “I didn’t know what to do, so I asked the employees inside for assistance.”. An employee ran to tell the officials. I feel thankful for all who helped and the baby is named “Seven” after 7-Eleven.

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