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Why Do We Rely on Our Mobile Phones?

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It’s a fair statement to make. There should be no one who disagrees with the idea that the average person in modernised society relies on their phone in daily life. If someone were to randomly go up to someone in the street and ask them to turn out their pockets, there will almost always be a mobile phone inside one of them. Considering this, it is not a stretch to say that mobile phones are an extension of ourselves in that we never want to be parted from them. This is a philosophy that those who used to wield swords in ancient times believed, and it can also be transferred to the way we live today, applying the same concept to phones.

All people must do to find out if they rely on their phone or not is to leave it at home when they go out and see how they cope. There will likely be many who feel anxious about it, which is a sign of the times and just goes to show how important they have become to us. This can also be applied to technology as a whole and it will be exceedingly difficult to find any businesses that don’t rely on technology to run their day-to-day business.

This is not to say that relying on mobile phones is a bad thing. It only becomes a negative notion when the modern smartphone is used to replace nearly everything that came before it. For example, people enjoy using calculators on their phones because it is quicker and easier than doing mental maths. However, the phone should never completely become a substitute for learning this in the first place, as there will always be situations where a phone might not be available to use the calculator function.

While this scenario is rare, the fact that it can happen should prove that smartphones are not a replacement for anything. That said, they have improved our lives incredibly, and it is unlikely they will ever fade away. One must only look to the sheer utility they provide us every day to see how we have benefitted from adopting mobile phones. For example, if someone were to get hurt and needed medical help, then an ambulance is only a phone call away. There is no doubt that mobile phones have increased ambulance response times, which can only be a good thing.

And then there is the notion of apps, which have revolutionised how we do virtually everything in our lives. Need to buy some clothes? Tap on that clothes shopping app. Even those who traditionally liked to go into the casino to gamble can do so from their phone. It is because of these gambling apps and also casino websites like what can be found at that has caused the gambling industry to increase so much and it is likely that smartphones have affected other industries in similar ways.

There can be no arguing that we rely on our phones, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as they are incredibly useful to all.



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