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Saving Money and the Planet Choosing Your Business Utility


If you’re looking to switch to greener energy sources for your Business compare plans and providers for a range of utilities.



Why go green? Naturally, the health and longevity of the planet should be enough of a call, but there are plenty of selfish reasons to embrace this revolution too. The main element of this great social change is a reduction in how much we consume and a more careful eye towards what we consume. Hence taking steps towards reducing the environmental impact of your business can, in turn, reduce the impact of consumption on your balance sheet.

Encouraging the Ethos

Many people have a considerate attitude towards the environment at home, but completely lose sight of this in the workplace. As the boss, you can’t afford to have a blasé attitude. Staff need to know if they are not following their own moral compass, they are at least following the companies.

There will already be staff in your company who concern themselves greatly with environmental matters. You may be able to delegate a voluntary role; ‘Sustainability Champion’ or something similar. If you head a large company, there may already be an existing committee for these matters.

Whatever the case, give that person or group the credibility that comes with your interest. Give them time to speak at meetings and promote them personally. Ensure your company knows that they do not represent a ‘green fringe,’ but an integral part of your business.

Power Consumption of Your Business

Much of your environmental toll will be down to power consumption, but fortunately, this is also the simplest area to remedy. There are some measures that you can start applying immediately;

  • Maximize natural light, turn off unnecessary or unused lights
  • Switch off machinery outside working hours
  • Don’t leave it on standby!
  • Avoid using air conditioning; this consumes heaps of energy
  • Can you open a window instead?

It’s very likely that your company is overspending on power anyway. If you’re looking to switch to greener energy sources, or simply want to find utility plans that suit your needs, have a look at Utility Bidder, which compares plans and providers for a range of utilities.

Paper Consumption

Recycling waste paper is important, but was it necessary to use the paper to begin with? You might not be prepared to go paperless, but take a look at how and why you’re consuming paper. Many businesses continue to send letters to clients who would likely prefer to be contacted by email. How many of your daily documents and records could be kept digital?

Purchasing Equipment

There isn’t a hard rule about this; you’ll have to judge each case by its merits. However, when you go to purchase new assets, whether vehicles, machinery, or whatever else, an ecologically-conscious decision is usually also the wisest financially.

Is it something you’ll use every day? Does it need to function at it’s best for a long time? Then take a look at the newest, greenest options at hand. If not, you can save some of the planet’s resources and a nice chunk of company money by buying something previously owned.

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