What Can I Do With My Degree? A Career Guide
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What can I do with my Degree? A Career guide



Career guide

I have seen many students and people sitting jobless in their homes even after achieving reputable degrees like bachelor’s, master’s, Doctorate, and Ph.D. There comes a time when an individual starts to feel disappointed in him and feels that he must’ve done something wrong. However; one shall never feel disappointed because with every hardship comes ease. Most people are not aware of the opportunities that they can avail themselves of with their respective degrees. In such cases; they need a professional career guide more than anything else.

What is a career guide?

Every individual needs a career guide at least once in his lifetime. Some people take this guidance before selecting their field and some opt for it after getting their degree. Nevertheless; one thing for sure is that professional guidance is essential to have a sustainable career. A career guide is one who helps an individual in accessing and identifying career options. He narrows down the options and lets the person decide by himself as per his knowledge, his interests, and his degree.

Professional career guidance not only proves to be beneficial for an individual but also helps in the economical growth of the country. The survey results showed that career guidance can have substantial benefits for the economy by supporting individuals to enhance their capacities in ways that contribute to enhanced jobs, skills and growth (Hooley, 2015).

Career guide VS Career counseling:

People often consider career guide and career counseling as the same things but there is a slight difference between the two. On one hand; career guide helps you in making a decision to find a suitable job. On the other hand; career counseling is a process in which assistance is provided to an individual in a way that he can determine the expertise which he would actually like to step in.

Different Career opportunities for individuals with different Degrees

In the following few paragraphs; we will be discussing the different career opportunities for people holding different types of degrees.

People with bachelor’s degrees:

Bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate degree in which you study for about three to six years in a particular course and then get a degree in the respective field.

  • You can become an IT manager where you will have to deal with the computer systems and the devices that deal with the information technology. This type of job requires a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences.
  • Then there is an option of becoming a promotional agent or marketing expert where you can promote the company’s products or policies with your expertise. This type of job requires a bachelor’s degree in marketing.
  • If you have a bachelor’s degree in any branch of engineering (architectural, computer, software) then you can become a manager of that respective department with your degree.

People with master’s degrees:

A master’s degree is the kind of degree that is given to the students who have completed their higher level of expertise in their respective fields. This type of degree is given at the post-graduate level and it obviously comes with a lot of job opportunities.

  • Medicine
  • Health care management
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Accounting

Besides these typical job opportunities that come with this degree; there are some other options for master’s degree holders as well. These options include;

  • Education Administers
  • Mathematicians
  • Management Consultancy
  • Human Resources

There are many other options in addition to the mentioned career opportunities. You can also take help from the professionals by telling them about your area of expertise.

People with any kind of degree:

There are some such career opportunities as well which do not require a proper degree still you can get a reliable job. In such types of jobs; you just need to have knowledge about the field you are applying for. These career opportunities are as follows:

  • You can become a professional writer with any of the degrees and can help the students with their academic writing projects. It can be a site from where students can Buy Narrative Essay Cheap Prices, dissertations services as well as assignment writing help. For this type of job you just need to have a stronghold over the English language and clarity about the formatting of the academic projects.

You will need to input the authenticity, relevancy, and supporting plus contrasting points in your content to make it appreciable and perfect to be submitted (ContentManagement, 2022).

  • There is a solid career opportunity for people with knowledge in the marketing department. If they are creative and come up with unique ideas then they can get a prominent position in marketing agencies as well.
  • Being a travel manager or a tour guide is another form of career opportunity in which you don’t need any degree rather you have to know about different places and their history.
  • If you have a creative mind that gets wild ideas then you can also become an Event Manager. In this career; you will have to design different personal or professional events with the inculcation of clients’ demands and your creativity.
  • If you want to be a boss of yourself then think about opening your very own website where you can provide academic writing services like the Essay Writing UK platform or any other academic assistance. You can become a blogger or an influencer where you can attract people with your writing or your content.


Finding a job depends upon various factors besides having a degree. It depends upon your passion for a certain thing, your consistency, your will, and your creativity. We have mentioned some such career opportunities that you can consider if you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. In addition to that; we have also highlighted the careers which do not require any specific degree still those careers are reliable. Hopefully; this post will help you in deciding your career.


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Hooley, T. a. (2015, 6 22). The economic benefits of career guidance. Institute of Education Research Collection .


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