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5 Typical Grammatical Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Essay



Grammatical Mistakes

Grammatical Mistakes are the worst thing to come across in an essay. It makes the professor feel as if the student was too lazy to read through their essay and thus gives them a bad impression.

To save you from ruining your reputation in from of the professor this post will tell you five grammatical mistakes you should avoid in your essay. But before that take a look at the common mistakes you are likely to make including grammatical errors so they can be avoided as well.

Common Mistakes in Essay Writing:


Plagiarism academic dishonesty is a central issue in the academic zone (Rodhiya et al., 2020). Students are expected to use multiple different sources to back up their thesis statement and arguments with evidence. You should always include proper referencing as well. Paraphrasing is similar to plagiarism, you are not permitted to present some other person’s ideas as your own.

A lot of students get caught when plagiarizing content by their professors since they have advanced plagiarism detecting tools like a genuine essay writing Service UK based help has. If you get caught in academic dishonesty there will be dire consequences.

Confusing Introduction and Conclusion:

In the introduction, you are supposed to add the main concepts and state the thesis statement which is often disregarded by the students. But students miss out on it and they also make the introduction boring to read.

As for the conclusion you have to rewrite the main points using different words. You should also state all the main points of the essay precisely in the conclusion but most students leave out the main details.

Not Taking Essay Writing Help:

Suppose you are a business student who has successfully chosen one of many business topics for dissertation. But what if you can not figure out its methodology maybe you are unable to comprehend the literature. Going back and choosing another topic means you have to start everything from scratch and it will waste a lot of your time. In such a case, taking essay help is the way to go which a lot of students are unsure about thus risking their essays.

Grammatical Errors:

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes in essay writing of grammar. Grammatical errors refer to incorrect use of the standard rules for writing a sentence. Common grammatical errors include word tense, order, point of view, number, and a lot more. All of these will be discussed later in the post.

Grammatical errors are taken quite lightly by the students and most students do not even bother to go through their essays and correct these mistakes. They just let it be and submit their essays which puts their entire essay at the risk of getting a low grade.

5 Common Grammatical Mistakes You Should Avoid


If you have to convey something to the readers, write it precisely and clearly. Inflating your sentence with irrelevant words or pointless filler words only makes the sentence wordy and the original meaning of the sentence gets lost. Furthermore, wordy sentences are frustrating to read. That is why you should streamline your sentences by using strong verbs and nouns instead of writing corny adjectives and adverbs.

For Example:

Incorrect: It is being brought to your attention that the tax returns of people over 40 years old are overdue and the building committee is urging them to file them at your earliest convenience.

Correct: People over 40 years old taxes are overdue and need to be filed soon.

Spelling Errors:

Students often make spelling mistakes occur when using homophones such as “right”, “rite” and “write” or lengthy words.

For Example:

Incorrect: Human years can only listen to sounds between 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Correct: Human ears can only listen to sounds between 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Comma Splices:

To splice refers to connecting literary devices. When a student combines two different sentences with a comma instead of splitting them with a period or coordinating conjunction, it is called a comma splice.

The comma has its own functions, but connecting two independent sentences is not one of those and students do not understand it. Periods and commas work have different purposes and they both should never be twined unless you are using a semicolon. Semicolons replace coordinating conjunction, like “and,” “but,” or “so,” and much more.

For Example:

Incorrect: Hemophobics will faint at the sight of blood, Agoraphobics can not go in public places.

Correct: Hemophobics will faint at the sight of blood. Agoraphobics can not go in public places.

Run-On Sentences:

When students write run-on sentences in their essays they squash two complete sentences together without utilizing proper punctuation or coordinating conjunction, for instance, a period or a semicolon. Run-on sentences will vary in length that is why a long sentence is not always a run-on sentence.

For Example:

Incorrect: Stephan liked the chow Mein Mary bought him on his birthday however he prefers Manchurian.

Correct: Stephan liked the chow Mein Mary bought him on his birthday; however, he prefers Manchurian.

Subject-Verb Agreement:

Students get confused often with subject-verb agreement. You can avoid this by learning that singular subjects take singular verbs and plural subjects go with plural verbs.

For Examples:

Incorrect: Sarah work as a barista every day.

Correct: Sarah works as a barista every day.


Keep in mind to avoid these mistakes when writing your dissertation. Proofread and edit your essay to get a hold of these mistakes. If you are unable to find time for it then you can take help of a professional editor as the use specialized proofreading and editing programs to catch grammatical errors (Eazyresearch, 2021)

“Good luck”


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