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UK PM Announces £20 Million Aid for Gaza Palestinians



UK PM Announces £20 Million Aid for Gaza Palestinians

On Monday, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated that the United Kingdom would be providing an additional $20 million to help Gazan civilians who the conflict between Israel and Hamas has impacted.

With this latest offer, Britain has pledged a total of £30 million to Palestinian areas since Hamas attacked Israel earlier this month. Last week, £10 million was made available.

According to Israeli authorities, at least 1,400 Israelis were killed on the first day of the invasion when Hamas terrorists surged from the Gaza Strip into the country. Most of the victims were civilians who were shot, maimed, or burned to death.

According to the latest toll from the Hamas health ministry in Gaza, more than 5,000 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been murdered across the Gaza Strip in unrelenting Israeli bombardments in reprisal for the strikes by the Palestinian militant group.

Sunak said to parliament that the government will be increasing its help to the Palestinian people by 20 percent, or £20 million.

This year, the United Kingdom has already pledged £27 million to the Palestinians.

While briefing parliamentarians on his recent trip to the Middle East, Sunak made the statement.

There has been “important progress” with the entry of some assistance vehicles into Gaza through the Rafah crossing, he said, but “it is not enough.”

“We need a constant stream of aid pouring in, bringing the water, food, medicine, and fuel that is so desperately needed,” the prime minister stated.

Sunak also reported to MPs that the British government had concluded that a missile fired from within Gaza was likely to blame for the explosion at the Al-Ahli hospital on Tuesday, which killed hundreds of people.

Both Hamas and Israel have been held partially responsible for the attack on the hospital.

“We have taken care to look at all the evidence currently available,” Sunak explained.

According to “the deep knowledge and analysis of our intelligence and weapons experts,” the British government has concluded that the explosion was caused by a missile or missile fragment fired from within Gaza against Israel.

There is no proof that an Israeli strike caused the explosion, according to the French military intelligence agency DRM, which released its findings on Friday.

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