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Thailand Now Has Speed Limits On Highways, Cars On Expressways Can’t Go Over 100kph

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Thailand Now Has Speed Limits On Highways, Cars On Expressways Can't Go Over 100kph

(CTN News) – Thailand’s notoriously dangerous roads may be getting safer. According to a new regulation by the Expressway Authority of Thailand, speed limits are being imposed on highways and expressways.

The maximum speed on the ground will be 110 kilometres per hour, while elevated roadways will be 100 kilometres per hour.

Despite the new speed limits rules taking effect last week, the EXAT took to social media to make a public announcement of the new speed limits. However, not everyone is happy with the new plan.

Online commenters criticized the new limits, saying drivers pay tolls to bypass local traffic on highways and speed up their journey.

Limiting their ability to drive at breakneck speeds would slow them down and defeat the purpose of paying a premium.

Regular four-wheel vehicles can now travel 110 kilometres per hour on ground-level expressways.

School buses, public transportation, and trucks with less than 2.2 tonnes are permitted to travel at 90 kph.

Elevated expressways now have similar rules, but slower speed limits. Four-wheeled vehicles are limited to 100 km/h, while trucks under 2.2 tonnes, school buses, and public transportation are restricted to 80 km/h.

In May, Thailand increased the speed limits on four main highway arteries to 120 kilometres per hour. The new maximum Speed Limits will eventually apply to all motorways in the country.

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