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Tour Bus Crashes Injuring 37 Passengers in Central Thailand

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Tour Bus Crashes Injuring 37 Passengers in Central Thailand

A tour bus drove off the road in Bo Phloi district of Kanchanaburi province in western Thailand, injuring 37 Malaysian tourists as well as a Thai driver and guide. According to authorities, the accident occurred at 1.30pm on Thursday.

Police, emergency workers, and medics hurried to the scene and discovered that all 39 individuals on the tour bus. Some people sustained significant injuries.

More than 20 ambulances arrived on the site to transport the injured to Bo Phloi Hospital in Kanchanaburi. The bus’s back tires with Bangkok licence plates had ruptured, and the windscreen had smashed.

The tour Driver Sarayu Daengdam, 44, informed police that the bus had arrived at Safari Park in Bo Phloi in the morning. Around 1 p.m., the bus left the zoo to transport the tourists to a restaurant in downtown Muang.

Mr Sarayu stated that while attempting to overtake a 10-wheel vehicle, the steering wheel malfunctioned and he lost control of the bus. The bus went off the road and crashed into the roadside. Fortunately, no vehicles were travelling in the opposite direction, he explained.

Tour Bus Crashes Injuring 37 Passengers in Central Thailand

Tourist police went to the hospital to see how the injured visitors and guide were doing. The guide was seriously injured and taken to another hospital.

Tour Bus accidents in Thailand are much too prevalent, with vehicles veering off the road, hitting with obstructions, or flipping, inflicting serious injuries to passengers and spectators.

Last month, a devastating occurrence struck Thailand when a bus accident killed 14 people and injured over 30 others.

This tragic occurrence once again underlines the critical issue of tour bus safety in Thailand and the necessity for prompt action to prevent such catastrophes in the future.

There are several reasons that contribute to Thailand’s high incidence of tour bus accidents. These include reckless driving, inadequate vehicle maintenance, poor road conditions, and insufficient enforcement of traffic laws.

Without addressing these core issues, the risk of future accidents remains extremely high.

To reduce the frequency of tour bus accidents in Thailand, a multifaceted approach is required. This involves strict enforcement of safety standards, routine vehicle inspections, driver training programmes, and public awareness initiatives.

Tour Bus Goes Up in Flames, 30 Passengers Escape Death

Tour Bus Goes Up in Flames, 30 Passengers Escape Death

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