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The Most Famous Portuguese Players in History

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The Most Famous Portuguese Players in history

Portuguese Players in history: Lusitanian football has always presented us with great talents. Since the 1930s, when Fernando Peyroteo appeared, from time to time a different talent is revealed and ends up being projected all over the world.

Portugal has given us and will always give us guarantees when it comes to football. You can check all this valuable data about football on the best platforms that allow betting in India.

Or would someone here question the names of Mário Coluna, Eusébio, Figo, Cristiano Ronaldo, in addition to the aforementioned Peyroteo?

Born in Angola, then a Portuguese colony, in 1918, Fernando Peyroteo is one of those phenomena created by sport. A sin that lovers of sports betting have not been able to meet him!

At nineteen, Peyroteo landed in Lisbon ready to be a professional footballer. and even more so, a player for Sporting Clube de Portugal, so much so that, when he was surveyed by Futebol Clube do Porto, he did not even discuss contract figures; in his mind and heart, his club would be Sporting.

When Peyroteo was the top scorer in the Portuguese championship six times. A true wonder as a goalscorer, he scored 332 goals in 197 games, a fantastic average of more than 1.68 goals per game.

Portuguese player Mário Coluna

For Sporting, Peyroteo played 334 official matches, between 1937 and 1949, scoring 544 goals in official matches (an average of 1.61 per match). Throughout his career he played 354 games, scoring 559 goals (1.58 per game). He died in 1978, in Lisbon, at just 60 years old.

Mário Coluna was born in August 1935, on the island of Inhaca, Mozambique. He played for Benfica between 1954 and 1970, establishing himself as one of the greatest idols in the club’s history. He was twice the European champion, in 1961 and 1962, he won the Portuguese League 10 times, 7 Portuguese Cups, and 5 Cups of Honor of the Lisbon Football Association.

With the Portuguese national team, he played 57 games, scoring 8 goals between 1955 and 1968. His greatest achievement with the Portuguese national team was third place in the World Cup in England, when he held the captain’s armband. He became known as the “holy monster”. Mario Coluna passed away in 2014.

Eusébio da Silva Ferreira

Eusébio da Silva Ferreira, or “Black Panther”, was born in Moçambique, on January 25, 1942, and many times the greatest Portuguese player in history. He began to play professionally in 1957, for Sporting Lourenço Marques, a club that was not until 1960, when he transferred to Benfica.

After Benfica, Eusébio won 11 Portuguese championships, 5 Portuguese Cups, and a European title, in 1961, along with three other European finals. He was Bola de Prata 7 times and twice Bola de Ouro, in 1968 and 1973.

For the Portugal selection, his greatest conquest was third place in the World Cup of England, in 1966. Eusébio was frequently included in the lists of the two best players of football history. He died in Lisbon, on January 5, 2014.

Eusébio da Silva Ferreira, the “Black Panther”, was born in Mozambique on January 25, 1942, and is considered by many to be the greatest Portuguese player in history. He started playing professionally in 1957, at Sporting Lourenço Marques, where he played until 1960 when he moved to Benfica.

With Benfica, Eusébio won 11 Portuguese championships, 5 Portuguese Cups, a European title in 1961, as well as three other European finals. He was awarded the Silver Ball 7 times and the Golden Ball twice, in 1968 and 1973. With the Portugal national team, his greatest achievement was third place in the World Cup in England in 1966.

Eusébio is frequently included in the lists of the best soccer players in history. He died in Lisbon on January 5, 2014.

One of the few who played in high performance for Barcelona and Real Madrid, Luís Figo was born in Lisbon on November 4, 1972. His professional career began in 1989, playing for Sporting. In 1995, Figo negotiated his move to mighty Barcelona and he remained there until 2000.

This year, the challenge of transferring from the arch-rivals of Real Madrid was completed, and Figo commanded respect. He was an idol for both teams. In 2005, he faced a new challenge, playing for Internazionale de Milano, a club where he played for 4 seasons, finishing his career in 2009.

He played for the Portugal national team 127 times, becoming the second Portuguese player with the highest number of appearances with the national team, second only to Cristiano Ronaldo.

He has won several individual and collective titles, namely a Portuguese Cup, 4 Spanish championships, a UEFA Champions League, a European Cup Winners’ Cup, a European Super Cup, an Intercontinental Cup, 4 Italian championships, a Coppa Italia, and 3 Italian Super Cups. . Currently, Luís Figo is an ambassador for UNICEF.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Born in Funchal on February 5, 1985, Cristiano Ronaldo began his career in the youth teams of Clube de Futebol Andorinha de Santo Antônio. In 1995, at just 10 years old, he joined Clube Desportivo Nacional da Madeira, a club where his genius was finally discovered, taking him to Sporting Clube de Portugal.

Cristiano’s football eventually caught the attention of none other than Alex Ferguson, then manager of Manchester United. In 2003, when he was barely eighteen, the boy signed a contract with the English club worth around 15 million euros. In 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo signed for Real Madrid; in the negotiation, the value ​​reached 90 million euros. Ten seasons later, another assignment, this time to Italy.

Cristiano arrived at Juventus in 2018 and, once again, the negotiation was around 90 million euros. In 2021, Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Manchester United. For the Portugal national team, Cristiano played 185 times, scoring an incredible 115 goals. He has been voted the best player on the planet 5 times; 2008, 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017, and the only reason he wasn’t more is that he was a contemporary of Lionel Messi.

He is considered one of the best and most complete players of all time.

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