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The Many Advantages of Replacing FRP with PVC Car Wash Panels



The Many Advantages of Replacing FRP with PVC Car Wash Panels

The multiple benefits of installing PVC wall panels have surprised a large number of car wash owners across the world.

Car washes breed high moisture and condensation levels mostly because of prolonged exposure to soapy liquids, water, and car cleaning solutions.

Excess use of water and liquids result in dampness that ultimately refuses to leave, making your commercial area moist and moldy.

While there’s a debate about which wall cladding material is the most suitable for car wash interiors between FRP and PVC panels, the latter makes for a one-time investment for various reasons.

However, people choose FRP over PVC car wash wall panels primarily because of its initial low cost. However, they only realize its hidden charges and drawbacks in the long run.

What Makes FRP Car Wash Walls An Unsuitable Solution?

FRP walling can peel away and delaminate quickly within months of its installation. Not only does this add to the recurring expense, but it also prompts for repairs and often insists the owners for a full replacement, owing to its discoloration. 100% raw-vinyl-made panels, on the other, can last for 100 years without asking for any expensive repair and replacement.

Are Waterproof Plastic Panels Key to Damage-Free Car Washes?

The major advantage of introducing PVC wall covering material to your car wash interior is its waterproofing ability.

Since car wash units are vulnerable to damage, choosing mold-free Duramax panels can be a durable option. Car wash owners who have installed FRP face issues related to moisture.

This is because the FRP wall panels can retain moisture instead of preventing them, thereby becoming a thriving ground for bacteria, fungi, and mold.

Therefore, the US-based panels for car wash bay walls are an economical and more effective way of damage-proofing your commercial interior.

Being able to prevent moisture infiltration successfully, the panels can easily keep mold and mildew formation at bay, contributing to a disease-free and damp-free car wash facility.

A healthy and highly-sanitized car wash equals fewer sick leave applicants, better productivity, skyrocketing sales, and client base expansion.

How Do PVC Car Panels Work to Remove Excess Moisture?

Moisture penetrates the wall surface mainly through the cracks and fissures found in FRP panels for car wash. The non-porous surface of the FRP wall panels is the primary culprit of entertaining moisture inside car washes.

Duramax’s ASTM-certified panels boast a bright and seamless surface that doesn’t let any bacteria, mold, dirt, or debris settle on the surface.

More so, the panels are extremely easy to install as well, even without the help of a professional mechanic.

The interlocking tongue and groove mechanism makes the installation procedure easy, quick, and hassle-free for the owners.

FRP’s installation, on the other hand, is strenuous, laborious, and time-consuming due to the presence of adhesives and backers.

The studs and invisible fasteners are the only two components that help even a novice fix the plastic panels on the walls.

The involvement of a professional installer for commercial car wash panels can prove beneficial, especially because the job is done within 7-8 hours, and there’s no question of keeping your business shut for hours and weeks and dealing with loss.

Factory-Made Duramax PVC Panels Need Occasional Maintenance

Maintaining the vinyl panels on car wash walls is one of the easiest tasks to handle for the owners. The factory-made panels meet FDA compliances and CFIA certification and are meant to last 4-5 times longer than FRP.

However, despite being high performing, the white panels don’t turn yellow. They neither let moisture nor water accumulate, which means less maintenance hassle for entrepreneurs.

Besides, one can retain their original sheen through occasional damp-cloth wiping and hose-pressure cleaning. Even low-maintenance, they can beat FRP in performance, especially in moist and molded interiors.

FRP’s rough surfaces make maintenance a tough job. More so, they must be cleaned with harsh and toxic chemicals, which eventually prove fatal for the structural integrity of the walls.

In addition, the gradual delamination and discoloration eventually result in complete damage to the panels and, after that, prompt the entrepreneurs to an expensive repair.

Bright Panels Lower Your Utility Bills But Keep Your Car Wash Well-Lit

Keeping your car wash area well-lit is important for an effective car wash session. Insufficient lighting can create issues with visibility for the mechanic performing deep car washing, resulting in annoyed and unhappy clients.

Installing light-reflective panels can be beneficial since they evenly distribute the natural light across the space and cater to your lighting requirements.

Besides, it also eliminates the need to install costly LED lighting fixtures and reduces the overall electricity cost for the business.

Ensure Smooth Car Washing Without Having to Worry About Wall Damage

The movement of cars inside the car wash areas can hit the walls, leading them to crack, split, fracture, bend, or warp.

However, the PVC wall car wash panels are sturdy, resilient, and resistant to impacts and abuses.

They don’t face damage easily because of being accidentally hit by a car or by some heavy-duty machinery.

The wall panels remain intact for years without showing any signs of damage. More so, you can also perform regular cleaning with high-pressure hose pipes without worrying about moisture seepage.

Fire-Resistant PVC Panels Keep Your Car Washes Safe

As much as it is important to keep up with the hygiene and sanitation standards of the car wash, keeping them fireproof is equally integral.

Adding Class A, 1-hour fire-resistant PVC panels can prevent accidental fire breakouts from causing damage to the facility for an hour.

They are highly effective for places like car wash units because they can keep your business safe from severe accidents, loss of lives, and damage to machinery, equipment, expensive tools, and cars. They also save you from having to undergo major losses because of fire-related hazards.

Picking moisture-resistant PVC panels over FRP is always a good decision because apart from helping you maintain a healthy environment inside car wash interiors and saving you cash on labor and material cost.

The strong and seamless vinyl panels are made of advanced truss technology and are ideal for wet and humid interiors. Call for a quote at 323-991-7507.

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