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Thailand to Start Charging 300 Baht Foreigner Entrance Fee



Thailand to Start Charging 300 Baht Foreigner, health insurance with Entrance Fee
The Government of Thailand has announced it is planning to impose a 300 baht visitors fee on all foreigners entering the country in April

The revenues from the foreign visitor entrance fee will be used to improve infrastructure for sustainable tourism and cover the costs of tourist insurance.  Furthermore, a maximum of 1 million baht will be paid to the family of the deceased tourist in the event of his death.

There will be a maximum of 500,000 baht available for medical expenses that will cover the emergency medical costs for accidents or complications from the coronavirus.

According to information provided by the government, the additional tax is going to be added to airfares and collected through them. Currently, the government is also considering a plan for collecting the tax from tourists arriving on land or sea.

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In the coming year, the government expects between 5 and 15 million visitors, depending on the outcome of the COVID-19 process, generating an income of between 800 billion baht. Approximately 700 billion baht will also be generated from domestic tourism this year, according to the statistics.

The government is launching a promotion plan under the theme “Amazing Thailand New Chapter” in the coming days, according to the government spokesperson. The government is also aiming to revamp its tourism strategy, with a greater focus on sustainability.

According to a government estimate, Thailand is likely to see 5 million tourists arrive within two years if the situation returns to normal and if tourists are mainly from Europe and the United States. Depending on the number of Chinese, Indians, and neighbouring countries, this number may rise to 15 million.

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