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Thailand to Build Exhibition building at Expo 2025 Osaka for Global Health Promotion

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Thailand to Build Exhibition building at Expo 2025 Osaka for Global Health Promotion

(CTN News) – According to the Minister of Public Health, Dr Cholnan Srikaew, Thailand plans to construct an exhibition building called Bhumi Phiman at Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan, to promote Thailand as a global health destination.

“The government thinks the medical industry is a big part of driving the Thai economy,” Cholnan said.

He said the ministry not only looks after the health of the Thai people but also promotes Thailand as a health center in the region.

Unveiling Thailand’s Pavilion: A Journey through Nature, Tradition, and Wellness

According to the minister, Thailand aims to become an international medical hub by 2026 in four areas; wellness, medical services, academics, and products.

Currently, we’re preparing using the country’s health service system combined with seven Thai strengths, including well-known tourist attractions, top medical facilities, expert doctors, reasonable prices, Thai hospitality, Thailand’s absolute facilities, and the wisdom of traditional Thai medicine and alternative medicine.

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These things will attract people worldwide to Thailand for wellness and health care.

Expo 2025‘s theme is “Designing Future Society For Our Lives,” which promotes health and medicine by using technology to make people happy and healthy.

Thailand’s theme for the exhibition is “Connecting Lives for Greatest Happiness”, emphasizing the Siam Smile, which creates happiness and attracts people from all over.

“Bhumi Phiman” is a design inspired by Thai culture and landscapes. In front of the exhibition hall, an elephant statue will stand, symbolizing Thailand’s abundance and longevity. The statue will be decorated with wood, symbolizing Thai people using their resources wisely.

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Expo 2025 Osaka: Experience Thailand’s Hospitality and Medical Expertise

There will be three zones in the hall:

Exhibit 1: “Bhumi Withi” is the first zone that welcomes visitors to “Bhumi Phiman”, a land of natural resources and good cultural traditions, including an abundance of great food.

Exhibit 2: “Bhumi Khumgan” tells stories from the Thai way of life, when people used Thai medicine before developing medical and public health innovations that make Thailand a world icon in medicine and health.

Exhibit 3: “Bhumi Siam,” allows visitors to see a Thai landscape and experience Thai culture. In addition to Thai food and products derived from Thai wisdom, visitors will be able to see Siamese smiles.

Osaka, Kansai, Japan, will host Expo 2025 from April 13 to October 13.

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