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Thailand has highest rate of bile Duct Cancer

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Thailand has highest rate of bile Duct Cancer

(CTN News) – According to Public Health Minister Cholnan Srikaew, Thailand has the highest rate of cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer) in ASEAN. The minister revealed this concerning number at a World CCA Day ceremony in Maha Sarakham. The primary cause of this cancer has been identified as liver fluke.

Thailand, the Southeast Asian country with the greatest frequency of CCA, focuses on eliminating and treating current CCA cases in 30 high-risk provinces. To do this, the health ministry is partnering with numerous agencies to start a comprehensive liver fluke screening programme for those over 15.

Thailand’s Health Ministry Collaborates for a Comprehensive Screening Program

According to the Bangkok Post, early detection systems for cholangiocarcinoma will be adopted for persons over 40, aiming to reduce infection rates to less than 1% of the population by 2025.

In support of this programme, Khon Kaen University’s liver fluke screening kit will be used to identify high-risk individuals likely to acquire CCA. Furthermore, certain Royal Covid Testing Vehicles have been modified to enable ultrasonography exams.

Thailand has had a significant increase in cancer incidence, with over 140,000 new diagnoses and 84,000 deaths each year. Despite advances in medical technology, formidable tumours such as liver, lung, breast, colon, and cervix remained at severe risk.

This epidemic was driven by a complicated interaction of genetics, nutrition, chemicals, stress, and environmental risks, with Thailand’s dirty skies and PM2.5 fine dust exacerbating lung cancer.

Despite these hurdles, potential advances in precision therapeutics and immunotherapies provided glimmers of optimism. Collaborations among hospitals, government entities, and international partners intended to improve access to excellent care, but challenges such as treatment complexity, rising prices, and overcrowded healthcare facilities remained.

Early detection measures, such as mammography, provided rays of hope, but raising awareness and providing fair access to care, particularly in rural areas, remained crucial in the ongoing battle against cancer.

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