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Thai Job Seekers Warned Over Australia Work Visa Scammers



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Thailand’s labour Ministry has released a statement warning Thai Job Seekers of scammer offering agricultural jobs in Australia. Scammers are offering they can get job seekers a work visa immediately.

Thailand’s Labour Minister, Suchart Chomklin said the Australian government has yet to finalize the agricultural visa scheme so those looking for work need to be careful about such claims.

Minister Suchart said the work visa scam follows a decision by the Government of Australia to issue work visas that would allow its holders to work in the country’s agricultural sector for three years. The visa would also allow the workers to return to their home countries for three months each year.

The agricultural work holder would also be eligible to apply for permanent residency in Australia after 3 years.

While the visa scheme has been announced, However, the Australia n government has yet to actually issue any visas. Job seekers in Thailand need to be wary of scammers claiming to be able to fast-track their applications.

“All job seekers who wish to work in Australia or other countries should thoroughly check the job position and requirements. The Thai government offers access to legal recruitment firms, 125 of which have been certified. Job seekers can access information by going to the website of the Employment Department at ‘‘.

Australia Work Visas Still Being Finalized

Thai nationals applying for overseas jobs must go through legal channels in order to receive a reasonable salary and be protected from crimes such as human trafficking,” said the Labour Minister said.

The Australian embassy in Bangkok also stated on its website that the details of the new work visa are still being finalized.

Meanwhile, Thailand’s Employment Department Director-General, Pairoj Chotikasathien said last year, his department brought legal actions against 96 scammers. Fraudsters who duped 205 Thai Job Seekers into paying them a total of 17.8 million baht. The Job Seekers paid the money in hopes of finding employment overseas.

Most of the victims were looking to work in Canada, Japan, South Korea, Sweden and Australia, he said.

The Director-General also warned Thai Job Seekers to avoid paying cash upfront to employment agents. He said people should only transfer money to agents that are legally licenced by authorities.

Mr. Pairoj said before applying for any jobs overseas, all Thai Nationals must inform Thailand’s Employment Department and depart through the job-seeker channel at airports.

In order to pass through the job-seeker channel at airports to work abroad legally, all Thai workers must be vouched for by Thailand’s Labour Department and their overseas employers.

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