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Discover New Zealand from Scratch: a Short Guide for Locals

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New Zealand

Imagine snow-capped mountains, rainforests, old giant trees, 90-mile beaches, fjords and glaciers, geysers and colourful acid pools, blue lakes, extinct volcanoes, oceans and seas filled with whales and dolphins, uninhabited islands, crystal clear air, multi-day hiking trails – all this is so familiar for locals. Views like from the pages of National Geographic are the reality in New Zealand, so it is quite difficult to impress local residents with something like that.

Of course, you can just sit on your couch and play the best payout online casino NZ or video games instead of getting out of the house, but maybe you need to give the country a chance to surprise you. In this review, we will share with you some cool places to visit in New Zealand.

Auckland Harbour Bridge

The eight-lane Waitemata Harbor Bridge is one of Auckland’s landmarks. However, for tourists, the bridge is of interest, first of all, because it is possible to make a bungee jump from it. The height of the jump from the bridge is 40 meters. Bungee jumpers are offered a choice of several options – you can simply touch the water with your hand, you can plunge headlong, and you can also combine a jump with full immersion in the water.

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Waitomo Caves

The Waitomo Caves are the main attraction in New Zealand’s Waikato region. This is a real masterpiece of nature. Once upon a time, the ocean created mysterious passages and grottoes here. When the water receded, the ideal conditions were formed for the life of the most unique organisms – Arachnocampa Luminosa, or mushroom firefly mosquitoes. The fireflies in the Waitomo caves create that fantastic blue-green glow that can be seen in all photos – the glow that turns the grottoes into the night sky with twinkling stars.

Piha Beach

Just a half-hour drive from Auckland, this beach is New Zealand’s most popular surfing spot and also one of the most famous beaches in the country. The sand is black, which, in combination with the rocky landscape of the coastal line, gives the beach a mystical appearance.

Republic of Whangamomona

The main must-see is the only republic of Whangamomona in the country, whose inhabitants rebelled against the local council and proclaimed themselves independent. There is a century-old hotel, built on the site of a burnt-out predecessor, where you can get the citizenship of the republic at the reception, and have a drink in the pub on the ground floor, and then drive away because the police have long been forgotten here.

Milford Sound Fjords

The fjords of Milford Sound are called the eighth wonder of the world. They don’t look like the fjords in Norway. Here, flocks of dolphins swim in the water, sea lions and seals rest on the rocks, and blue-green mountains rise from the dark water. Swimming in the crystal blue water surrounded by mountains in your boat – what can be more romantic?

Even if you are a New Zealander, do not stop discovering new places in the country! It has a lot of places that can inspire and entertain you. Feel free to share your own recommendations with us in the comments.

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