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Ten Ways On How To Beat Moving Blues

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Moving Blues

Moving Blues: Relocating from one place to another comes with mixed emotions. Even though moving to a new city is exciting and lovely, it is not easy to forget the old place. It is even emotional if you are leaving your best friends or the area holds a special memory.

Whether you have engaged NYC commercial movers to help you relocate or a DIY move, it is a good idea to know how to beat moving blues. This is because you do not want to feel sad once you relocate to a new home.

Happily, there are several things you can do to overcome the moving stress. For example, you need to say goodbye to your friends or host a goodbye party. Here are some ways on how to overcome the relocation blues.

How to beat moving blues

1. Say goodbye to friends and neighbors

One way to beat the moving blues is to say goodbye to friends and neighbors. Also, look for a way to say goodbye and enjoy the old home before leaving.

You can visit your friends’ homes, spend some time together, and wish each other well. Also, follow each other on social media to communicate regularly. You can also take some pictures to have memories.

2. Host a goodbye party

Another strategy to overcome the moving blues is hosting your best friends and family for a goodbye party. Use that time to share stories, experiences and take some photos. Having a fun-goodbye party with family and close friends is a good way to enjoy your last days in the old neighborhood.

3. Take advantage of the old house’s unique features

If your old house has some unique features, you need to take advantage of them before you leave. For example, if there is a warm water pool and you are moving to a house that does not have a pool, make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.

4. Have photos and videos of the old home

If you feel you have a special attachment with your old house, the best way to beat the moving blues is by taking some pictures and videos of the old house. It is one of the best ways to preserve memories.

You might see it is not important, but you will appreciate the pictures and videos in the future. You can take pictures with family and friends, photos of the backyard, and the entire house.

5. Walk around the old neighborhood

Taking walks around the neighborhood a few days before moving can help you overcome moving blues. When walking, try appreciating things you have never done before. Also, you can visit areas you have never seen before.

6. Visit your favorite hanging joints

When you spend time at your popular joints, you can say goodbye to the places. Moreover, you will appreciate that you had a good time in the old joints. Other places you can visit include supermarkets, restaurants, shops, and ice cream places.

7. Picture yourself in the new house

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Picturing yourself in the new house can help you focus on the move. Moreover, you will be eager to settle in the new home. Think about the new house, the unique features, and why you are moving to the new place.

8. Unpack as soon as you move in

The faster you unpack your belongings, the quicker you settle in your new place. Arranging your bedroom and sitting room will be an excellent way to get familiar with your new home.

Unpacking your items right away will help you build the drive to enjoy the new home. But if you take time to unpack your things, you will end up feeling stressed or missing the old house.

But make sure you unpack room by room to avoid being overwhelmed by the task. In addition, it will be more manageable than unpacking every box at once. So, finish one room before moving to the next.

9. Introduce yourself to the new neighbors

Knowing your neighbors can make you feel at home. Moreover, it is a good idea to know whether your neighbors are welcoming people or not. To know your neighbors, spend time outside to let them see you are an open person. Also, taking regular walks around the neighborhood can help.

10. Explore the new community

You can have fun with your family by exploring the new community. Walk or drive around to check out local hotels and shops. This is an excellent way to learn more about the new community.

You will also get a chance to find out whether there are parks and places you can hang out as a family.


Moving is a stressful event full of many unexpected issues. Moreover, you can feel more stressed when leaving your old house, close friends, and a lovely neighborhood.

Happily, there are many ways you can beat the moving blues. For instance, hiring a moving company such as NYC movers is a remarkable way to ensure the moving process goes well. They will help you pack and move your belongings and leave you to beat the moving blues.


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