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Swiss Man Arrested in Korat for Strangling His Wife to Death

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Swiss Man Arrested for Strangling His Wife to Death

A 53 -year-old Swiss man has confessed to strangling his wife to death during a fierce quarrel, then dumping her body in a cornfield around 6km from their home. Korat Police said Mr Roland admitted to murdering his wife in a fit of rage following a heated argument.

46-year-old Orathai Posee-ngarm had been missing since January 8, 2024, from her house in Korat. Her Swiss husband, Roland, 53, informed authorities that she fled following an argument.

She inherited more than 13 million baht ($360,000) from her first Swiss husband, who died in 2021. She then married Roland, another Swiss man who was a former train driver in Switzerland. The couple relocated to Korat approximately two years ago.

Roland was taken to a Police Station on January 29 to be questioned after the police discovered numerous anomalies, including his statement to his wife’s sister that she had most likely fled, but did not take her shoes or any possessions with her.

Police the seized Roland’s passport as part of the ongoing inquiry into his wife’s abduction.

Mr. Roland maintained that he was not involved in his wife’s disappearance. He was primarily concerned about when his wife would return. After hours of questioning, he confesses to strangling her during an argument.


He told police he carried his wife’s body onto his motorbike and drove to a cornfield around 6 kilometres from their home. The police officers then escorted Mr. Roland to the location of the deceased for examination.

Previously, Mr. Roland had remained at home and had not observed the search. He only left the house to get coffee, eat, or answer police calls. He has refused to speak to the media.

On January 28, Khaosod reported police searched the couple’s home and dispatched a team of divers from the Phuttham 31 Foundation in Nakhon Ratchasima to look for Orathai in a pond near the village temple, he did not even show up to participate in a stakeout with her relatives and the rescue team that was looking for her in several locations.

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Chai Tawanmai, a radio DJ and one of Roland’s closest friends, spoke with him about the situation. Roland informed Chai that he was concerned because many in the region believed him of being involved for his wife’s abduction.

“Roland told me that he had scolded his wife for gambling, and she may have fled from the people to whom she owed money.”

He said he didn’t know where to look for her because he didn’t know anyone,” explained Chai Tawanmai.

Police checked Ms. Orathai’s bank account and determined that funds were transferred from it to Mr. Roland’s account at 10:00 p.m. on January 8. Miss Orathai’s sister last saw her with less than 2,000 baht in her account.

Mr. Roland informed the authorities that Ms. Orathai directly transmitted this amount to him via a bank app to pay off a loan debt.

The police are awaiting verification results from the bank before gathering all relevant information as evidence and investigating guidelines.

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