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Cat Lovers Praise Thai Man Traveled 300Km With 11 Cats in Sidecar

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Cat Lovers Praise Thai Man Traveled 300Km With 11 Cats in Sidecar

A Thai man rode his motorcycle 300 kilometers from Bangkok to Korat with 11 cats in tow, garnering online praise and “likes” from cat lovers.

Choowong Thepkoh, 65, who sells amulets and other trinkets at Bangkok flea markets, travelled to Korat to sell his wares at a renowned annual flea market. Choowong, who is also from Korat, desired to bring his “children,” or cats, to his birthplace.

Kingdom of Tigers, a Facebook page devoted to cat lovers whose followers know Choowong to be an avid cat lover, raised funds to buy the man a sidecar motorcycle so he could travel with his feline companions.

On Friday, March 17, the page also solicited donations of cat food for Choowong, who was about to depart for Korat.

Choowong disclosed in an interview that he left his hometown 26 years ago and worked at flea markets in and around Bangkok to support himself and the cats he adopted over time.

He claimed that all of his cats were strays and that he frequently brought them with him wherever he went.


He also shared the cats names: Thong Kwak, Thong Ek, Thong K, Thong Daeng, Thong Kam, Thong Heng, Thong Pradab, Si Nuan, Si Som, Si Suay, and Si Baitong.

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“Someone once offered to purchase Thong Kwak for 20,000 baht ($780), but I refused to sell out of fear that the individual would grow tired of him and abandon him. I intend to care for him until the day he passes away.”

Choowong expressed appreciation to all those who supported him and his cats. Along the way, he received an abundance of cat food from the people he met.

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