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16-Year-Old Girl Killed in Shark Attack in Western Australia



16-Year-Old Girl Killed in Shark Attack in Western Australia

On Saturday a 16-year-old girl died after being mauled by a shark in a river in Western Australia’s state capital Perth after jumping in to swim with a pod of dolphins. Paramedics were called to the scene of the attack around 0745 GMT Saturday near a traffic bridge in Perth’s Fremantle port area.

According to police, the 16-tear-old girl was pulled from the water with critical injuries and died at the scene. She was allegedly swimming with a pod of dolphins in the river with friends when the shark attacked.

According to Asia One, authorities were unsure what type of shark attacked the girl.

People were urged to exercise extra caution in the Swan River area around Fremantle in the aftermath of the mauling.

Shark Attacks in Western Australia

A 57-year-old man was killed by a great white shark at Perth’s Port Beach in November 2021, the most recent fatal shark attack in Western Australian waters. In January 2021, a man was severely injured by a bull shark while swimming in the Swan River.

More than 100 shark species live in the waters of Western Australia, the country’s largest state, with bull sharks frequently found many kilometers upriver.

According to the state government, the risk of shark attacks in the state is low, and the state has established a dedicated shark response unit to work with first responders on shark incidents.

On the east coast, several Sydney beaches, including the iconic Bondi and Bronte, were closed in February after a swimmer was killed in a shark attack, the city’s first in nearly 60 years.

According to the University of Florida’s International Shark Attack File, Australia ranked second only to the United States in the number of unprovoked shark bites on humans in 2021.

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