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School Director Sentenced to 192 Years for Stealing Lunch Money



School Director Sentenced to 192 Years

The former public school director in Thailand’s southern province of Surat Thani was sentenced to 192 years in prison without the possibility of parole for cheating children out of their free lunch funds by serving them rice noodles with fish sauce.

Mr. Somchao Sitthichen, former director of Ban Tha Mai School in Tha Chana District, was found guilty on 77 charges of fraud and sentenced to five years in prison on each case, for a total of 385 years.

However, because of his confession, his sentence was reduced to 192 years and six months. Nonetheless, the Criminal Code specifies a maximum sentence of 50 years in prison.

The court did not suspend his sentence since each of his offences, which carry minor terms, is regarded significant because they cumulatively have deprived school children of much needed nutrition, which may have long-term consequences for their physical development.

School Director Sentenced to 192 Years

School covid-19 rules to end

In other school news, Thailand’s Ministry of Education announced it will soon rescind COVID-19 prevention and control measures already in place in all schools since 2019.

The announcement comes after Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health is set to repeal the remaining restrictions and fines on face masks within 2 to 3 weeks, according to Thailand’s Department of Disease Control

The withdrawal of all preventive measures is in line with the country’s improved COVID-19 condition and will coincide with COVID-19 being reclassified as a “infectious disease under watch,” lowering it from a “dangerous infectious disease.”

Face masks have been required to be worn in schools at all times, as well as seat spacing of 1-2 metres, limits on the number of participants in group activities, the provision of additional hand cleaning facilities, and daily disinfection of classrooms, toilets, and frequently touched areas.

Additional precautions that may continue to be implemented include temperature screening before entering school and adequate air circulation in classrooms.

Temperature screening has already been eliminated for all visitors at several shopping malls, department stores, and government offices in Thailand.




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