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Omicron Becoming the Most Dominate Variant in Thailand



Omicron Becoming the Most Dominate Variant in Thailand

The Public Health Ministry reported on Monday that 13 more Covid-19 deaths had occurred during the previous 24 hours, and 7,926 new cases of Omicron were registered.

Director of the Department of Disease Control’s hazard communications, Sumanee Wacharasin, said the new fatalities ranged in age from 30 to 89.

A total of ten out of 13 fatalities were attributed to unvaccinated or insufficiently vaccinated individuals, she stated.
Dr Sumanee said that daily caseloads were increasing, which led to more seriously ill patients and ventilator-dependent patients.

Over the weekend, 3,612 Omicron covid-19 patients recovered from the illness and were discharged from hospitals.

There have been 2,277,476 cases of Covid-19 since the pandemic began early last year, with 2,197,479 cases recovered. There have been 140 deaths since Jan 1 and 21,838 people since the beginning of the pandemic.

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Putting the covid death rate into perspective 0.03% of the population died from covid related illnesses, while the exact same amount of people were killed in road accidents in 2021.

On Aug 13, Thailand’s 24-hour high was 312 fatalities from Covid-19. August 18 was the day with the most cases, 23,418. Within 24 hours, there were 307,87 million Covid-19 cases worldwide.

Globally, there were 5.50 million deaths, an increase of 3,306 deaths, approximately 0.07% of the world’s population.

In the United States, there were 61.26 million cases, an increase of 308,616 cases, and 859,356 deaths, an increase of 308 deaths.

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