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Powerball results April 9, 2022: No winning ticket April 9; lottery Jackpot hits $288M after delay



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In the Saturday, April 9 lottery drawing, the Powerball numbers have dropped for a jackpot estimated at $275.7 million, with a cash-out option of $170.7 million. Due to technical difficulties, the winning numbers were drawn late.

On Saturday, there were six winning numbers, 16, 31, 62, 66, and the Powerball was 18. Those were the winning numbers for the Saturday night drawing. Those were the winning numbers for the Power Play.

One ticket purchased in Puerto Rico matched all five numbers except for the Powerball as well as the Power Play, which resulted in a $2 million jackpot. But no one matched all six numbers in the Powerball drawing and no one won the jackpot.

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The numbers for the Double Play are 3, 5, 35, 48, 67, and the Powerball number is 5.

There was only one ticket that matched all six numbers and no one matched all five numbers except for the Powerball winner totaling $500,000.

Despite the low probability of a Powerball jackpot on Monday, the jackpot for that day is estimated to be $288 million according to, which says the cash option is $178.3 million.

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Winning Powerball lottery numbers, results delayed

The following is the statement that published early Sunday morning on the delay:

A participating lottery has asked for extra time in order to complete the security protocols required as part of their powerball® drawing scheduled for Saturday, April 9. The official results of Saturday’s drawing are not yet available. In order to produce official Powerball drawings, all 48 lotteries must comply with strict security requirements before and after each drawing to meet security requirements. A lottery draw outcome is required in order to calculate the next estimated jackpot, and some jurisdictions do not pay prizes on winning tickets if the results of the draw are not available.

There was a delay in the Powerball drawing. As a result, it will take place at 2:35 a.m. CT on Sunday, April 10. A live stream of the drawing was available on, and video recordings were uploaded to the Powerball website and YouTube channel. There is also information available on regarding the winning numbers.

Despite the fact that most jurisdictions were able to complete their protocols on time, one lottery will take a little bit longer to process. The additional time we have been given to deliver the information to the public allows us to be certain that we are reporting the official and verified number of prize winners. We apologize for the delay in delivering this information to the public. Keep your tickets safe, and we will inform you when retailers will be able to pay out any prizes on winning tickets from the Powerball drawing on April 9.

Powerball’s last jackpot winner

The winning ticket for the Feb. 14 drawing which was worth $185.3 million was purchased by a single person in Connecticut.

A winner of the $632.6 million jackpot was found one other time this year when two winning tickets were sold at the Jan. 5, 2022 drawing. Two of the tickets were purchased in California and one in Wisconsin in that drawing.

Top 10 Powerball lottery jackpots

According to, these are the all-time top 10 Powerball jackpots of all time:

  1. $1.586 billion — Jan. 13, 2016; California, Florida, Tennessee.
  2. $768.4 million — Mar. 27, 2019; Wisconsin.
  3. $758.7 million — Aug. 23, 2017; Massachusetts.
  4. $731.1 million — Jan. 20, 2021; Maryland.
  5. $699.8 million — Oct. 4, 2021; California.
  6. $687.8 million — Oct. 27, 2018; Iowa, New York.
  7. $632.6 million — Jan. 5, 2022; California, Wisconsin.
  8. $590.5 million — May 18, 2013; Florida.
  9. $587.5 million — Nov. 28, 2012; Arizona, Missouri.
  10. $564.1 million — Feb. 11, 2015; North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Texas.

Top 10 U.S. lottery jackpots

Here are the nation’s all-time top 10 Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots, according to

  1. $1.586 billion, Powerball — Jan. 13, 2016; California, Florida, Tennessee.
  2. $1.537 billion, Mega Millions — Oct. 23, 2018; South Carolina.
  3. $1.05 billion, Mega Millions — Jan. 22, 2021; Michigan
  4. $768.4 million, Powerball — Mar. 27, 2019; Wisconsin.
  5. $758.7 million, Powerball — Aug. 23, 2017; Massachusetts.
  6. $731.1 million, Powerball — Jan. 20, 2021; Maryland.
  7. $699.8 million, Powerball — Oct. 4, 2021; California.
  8. $687.8 million, Powerball — Oct. 27, 2018; Iowa, New York.
  9. $656 million, Mega Millions — Mar. 30, 2012; Kansas, Illinois, Maryland.
  10. $648 million, Mega Millions — Dec. 17, 2013; California, Georgia.

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