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Police Find Body of Dismembered Woman in 7 Garbage Bags

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Police Find Body of Dismembered Woman in 7 Garbage Bags

Police in central Thailand charged a 38-year-old man after he killed his lover, dismembered her body, placed the pieces in plastic bags, and buried the bags beneath a motorway overpass.

Police stated that the murder occurred at a condominium on Soi Sukhumvit 115 in Samut Prakan province.

According to the police, a housekeeper at the condominium called the 911 emergency line to report that, while cleaning a room next door, she detected the odour of blood and heard the sound of running water.

Mr. Chanwit Wongsahak, 35, leased the room and arrived on Wednesday with a woman known only as Oranan, alias Pin, 30.

When the police searched Mr. Chanwit’s condominium, they found bloodstains. Under questioning, he admitted to killing Ms. Oranan, dismembering her body, placing the pieces in bags, and burying them elsewhere.

Police Find Body of Dismembered Woman in 7 Garbage Bags

The condominium’s surveillance cameras captured Mr. Chanwit exiting the elevator with garbage bags before walking to the parking garage.

Later, Mr. Chanwit was transported to the Samrong Nua police station. From there, he took the police to Prasertmanukij road beneath the Chalongrat motorway to the Ram Intra neighbourhood in Bangkok’s Lat Phrao district.

He revealed the location where he buried the bags holding Oranan’s remains.

The police discovered numerous dug and hastily filled-in holes on the roadside beside an interstate pillar.


Police Find Body of Dismembered Woman in 7 Garbage Bags

Forensic police excavated the holes to uncover a total of seven green garbage bags.

The woman’s left arm was discovered in the first bag, followed by her head in the second, her left leg from the knee down in the third, her right arm in the fourth, her right leg from the knee down in the fifth, her torso in the sixth, and her lower body from the waist to the knees in the seventh.

In response to further interrogation, Mr. Chanwit revealed that he had dated Oranan, who frequented the condominium. According to the police report, he assumed she had met another man and felt jealous.

To murder her, he prepared a knife, an axe, a hammer, and a saw.


On Wednesday, a dispute occurred in the room. He fatally stabbed her ten times with a knife. He remained in the room with the deceased throughout the night.

On Friday morning, he brought the body into the bathroom and used the axe, the knife, the saw, and the hammer to cut it into seven pieces, which he then placed in seven separate bags.

In the afternoon, he stuffed the seven bags into two large ones and transported them to Prasertmanukij road, located beneath the Chalongrat motorway. He buried the seven bags there.

Mr. Chanwit was charged with premeditated murder and related offences, such as destroying, relocating, and hiding a body to cover up a murder.

Source: Bangkok Post

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