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Police Arrest Man for Killing His Wife Then Burning Her Body

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Husband Admits Killing His Wife Then Burning Her Body in Central Thailand

Police have detained a 33-year-old man accused of killing and burning his wife’s remains at a rubber plantation after they spent his birthday together. Mr. Sirichai Rakthong is charged with murdering Ms Chonlada Muthuwong, 27, in Nonthaburi province.

During the reenactment, he allegedly admitted to attacking his wife at their home in Nonthaburi as well as on Chaeng Wattana Road in Nonthaburi. The brutal assaults on Chaeng Wattana Road were captured by surveillance cameras, and the footage has been widely shown on Thai news sites.

Police claimed the couple spent his birthday together on Saturday, and the beatings started at 3 a.m. on Sunday.

The victim’s burned skeleton and a burned luggage were discovered in a rubber plantation in Prachin Buri on Tuesday night, some 700 metres from the highway.

According to Pol Maj Gen Pumin Singhasut, chief of Prachin Buri police, Chonlada’s bracelet and gold ring were discovered with the charred bones. Her mobile phone’s signal was also discovered in the vicinity.

On Tuesday night, police apprehended Mr Sirichai at his house, and he allegedly confessed to the crime after two hours of interrogation.

Husband Admits Killing His Wife Then Burning Her Body in Central Thailand

According to authorities, Mr Sirichai stated that he and his wife were both inebriated at his birthday celebration, and she mentioned his ex-girlfriend. He abused his wife twice: once on Chaeng Wattana Road and again at their home.

According to police, the woman most likely died at home after being hit in the head with a hard item and falling unconscious.

The next day, Mr Sirichai discovered his wife had died. He packed the body into a bag and placed it in their white BMW automobile. According to authorities, he stopped at a gas station near their home to purchase petrol, which he used to burn the body in the luggage.

Chonlada “Noon” Muthuwong’s father believes Mr Sirichai deserved the death penalty because he showed no remorse after confessing to killing daughter and burning her body.

A postmortem examination revealed that the deceased’s skull had fissures in the cheek that extended to the eye socket, nasal bone, and mastoid bone on the right side. Violent hits with a blunt weapon generated the fissures.

husband killed wife

Chaiya Muthuwong, 49, told the media on Friday that his daughter had informed him that Mr Sirichai had beaten her in front of a lift in 2020. A surveillance camera filmed the incident.

Mr Chaiya stated that he had persuaded his daughter to break up with Mr Sirichai, and she vowed to do so. But the pair reconciled after she discovered she was pregnant. He claimed he never trusted his son-in-law because he is deceptive and unpleasant.

Before learning of his daughter’s death, Mr Chaiya suspected she had been hiding somewhere for a few days following a disagreement with her husband.

“Judging from what he has done, I do not believe Sirichai was mentally ill,” he went on to say. “Instead, he was completely cognizant and would never have admitted his guilt had her body not been discovered. “He deserves the death penalty as he did not show any sign of remorse.”

Ms Chonlada’s remains are being returned to her family for religious ceremonies.

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