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Personal Trainer and ERA Fit founder, Eric Allen, Goes From Strength to Strength



Eric Richard Allen

Personal Trainer: Eric Richard Allen, owner of ERA Fit, is a chiselled, studly model-turned-fitness-trainer whose experience and commitment are unparalleled. He has two bachelor’s degrees-one in economics and the other in exercise science-and he’s certified in more areas than you can count on one hand.

After graduating, Eric set his sights on becoming a PE teacher, but once he realised how much demand there was for his personal training services, he decided to turn it into a career instead. He founded ERA Fit in 2011 and now works with clients from all walks of life.

ERA Fit has trained celebrities, bikini competitors, stay-at-home moms, competitive athletes, and the general population in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami. Their clients can’t stop talking about the results they see when they use their programs. They know what they’re doing.

The facility is located in Wynwood, the up-and-coming art district. It’s a high-energy area that’s fast-paced- like their trainers! It’s outfitted with the newest and most complete line of Atlantis Gym Equipment so you can successfully achieve all necessary resistance training and mobility work to reach your ideal body type faster. They also have all the latest recovery equipment from several HyperIce percussion tools, NormaTec boots, massage therapy, and stretching therapy for faster recovery and the ability to attack your next personal training session well-rested and energised.

Eric and his team or personal trainers understand that traditional methods of measuring health, like BMI, have been classed as inaccurate in recent times because they don’t take into account muscle mass, bone mass, or body shape. This means someone having an “overweight” reading, does not necessarily equate to them being unhealthy.

He also knows that It’s not about coming into his gym and having your butt kicked for 45 minutes. That’s not what he’s about. He specialises in putting together a program that’s specific to your needs. ERA Fit is a completely customised fitness centre that encompasses everything from personal training to recovery.

Their goal is to assess, customise, and deliver a one-hundred percent personalised training experience that assists their clients in achieving their ideal body type. ERA Fit uses a proven strategy in breaking down our clients’ goals leading to their ideal body type by personally building a step-by-step training regime that produces the most accurate outcome that ensures our clients reach their goals.

At ERA Fitness, they have a simple promise: your results or your money back.


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