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New Zealanders Parents “Distraught” Over Sons Assault of Policeman in Thailand

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New Zealanders Phuket Thailand

The parents of the two New Zealand men detained in Phuket, Thailand, following a dramatic roadside altercation with a police officer have expressed their concern over the event as the brothers approach their first court appearance.

Hamish and Oscar Day, 36 and 38, were on vacation in Phuket, Thailand, when a police officer pulled them up for speeding and not hugging the roadside closely enough.

Laurence and Katrina Day, millionaire property owners in New Zealand, have called for calm and solitude amid the high-profile event, which saw terrible sights captured on tape and shown on Thai television.

“It’s very, very concerning,” Laurence Day told the New Zealand Herald. “The family is distraught.” We are praying for a positive outcome.

“Who would have expected this? “Just a couple of kids on a tourist trip.”

Laurence Day stated that both men had families in New Zealand, including children, concerned about their well-being.

“They were just on holiday. It’s quite difficult. They are doing fine right now. It’s a very difficult period.” He stated that Hamish Day had managed to send a single text message to his wife, but they had received no further communication.

The brothers were scheduled to appear in court today after being arrested on counts of robbery, obstruction of police duty, physical assault on a police officer, driving without a license, and bribery.

According to Thai media, the charges were filed when police senior sergeant major Somsak Noo-iad ordered the Day brothers to stop over while riding motor scooters along one of the main thoroughfares in Phuket’s port and commercial center, Chalong.

According to the Bangkok Post, the Days accelerated before coming to a halt, and the suspects allegedly yelled at the police officer who was recording their activities on his cell phone.

At that time, it was said, the New Zealand tourists attempted to block the recording, resulting in a physical altercation and a shot fired from the officer’s automatic pistol during a struggle for possession of the weapon.

‘He has a gun. ‘You stop.’

Reinforcements from a nearby police station arrived quickly, and the Days were arrested and prosecuted.

In the camera footage of the confrontation, a woman can be heard screaming at the males, “You stop, you stop.” He has a gun. “You stop.”

A voice with a New Zealand accent says, “The policeman was attempting to attack us.”

“He’s trying to kill him,” a voice shouts, although it’s unclear who it’s addressing.

When the video was shown on Thai television, a red ring was added to highlight an object that Oscar Day and the police officer appeared to be battling over. According to Thai police, the officer’s pistol was seized during the encounter and discharged.

New Zealanders Phuket

As Oscar Day tries to remove himself from the police, Hamish Day moves closer, holding a cell phone and pointing it toward the guys on the ground as if to tape the couple.

Then, in another shot, Hamish Day approaches the duo on the ground, carrying an automatic weapon open-handed as if to offer it. In another scene from the video, the Day brothers can be seen standing on the roadside next to two motorcycles, facing a police officer as reinforcements arrive.

New Zealanders Phuket

Laurence Day stated that his sons had been touring and sightseeing in Thailand for about a week. He claimed both had previously visited the country and “thought it was a wonderful country.” He stated they had roughly ten days to return to New Zealand when the incident occurred.

Laurence Day stated that he had no additional information about what had occurred other than what the media had reported. He stated that the men were working with a lawyer in Thailand and were thinking about flying there to see if he could help.

Until December, Hamish Day was CEO of Code Avengers, an education company primarily teaching computer programming in schools across Asia and the Pacific. Laurence Day owned the corporation and served as its chairman.

New CEO Matt Comb stated that the announcement caused the company to conduct housekeeping on its website, which included erasing references to Hamish Day and other departing employees.

I awoke to the news. “It was definitely a shock,” he said. ” Like everyone else, we were surprised by it all.”

He said he succeeded Hamish Day as CEO after his predecessor decided “he wanted to have a break”. “He’d done a great job as CEO and was much liked by the team.”

Comb stated that the last he heard from Hamish Day was that he had planned to fly to Asia.

Source: New Zealand Herald

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