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New Home Checklist-5 Needed Essentials

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We’ve all been there. You’ve just moved into a new home and you’re in need of things for it. Naturally, there are a lot of things you’re going to need to look into buying. But what exactly are your top priority items to help you turn this new house into a cosy new home worth returning to every day? Lets’ take a look.

1. Shower Curtains

These are actually more vital to the sanitation of your bathroom than you might expect. They do more than simply shield you from any wandering eyes that might catch a glimpse through an open doorway. Shower curtains also help keep the water from the showerhead inside the tub, rather than splashing all over the tile and risking mould growth.

So keep an eye out for mould-resistant and antibacterial shower liners and rust-proof shower hooks. These will ensure utmost sanitation and effectiveness toward keeping your bathroom clean and spotless.

2. Hangers

Hangers are generally well-needed in virtually every household, and yet for some reason, you never seem to have enough of them, or else you have way too many. Try to opt for the latter problem, since it’s a much better one to have than the former.

You always need hangers for clothing or jackets inside the hall closet. Plus, it never hurts to have a few more handy in case you have some guests come over or in case other hangers break unexpectedly.

3. Security Cameras

In the technological boom of the last decade, more and more innovations have been made in home security and security cameras for the house are one of those brain-children. These cameras are becoming more and more common and more complex, even able to connect to

WiFi to allow you to see your home even when away. Some systems are even wired to speakers to allow you to speak with visitors, welcome or otherwise, which can be a supremely effective deterrent against break-ins.

4. Fire Extinguisher

This is always a handy tool to have around, and it may be necessary to learn how to operate one properly. Fires inside the home for one reason or another can be extremely dangerous for the simple fact that people sometimes panic before thinking logically. So, keeping a fire extinguisher handy can mean the difference between having a home and losing it. Just be sure to replace them every so often, as the manufacturer usually recommends a new one every ten years or so.

5. Proper Bedding

This is a biggie since bedding is more than just nocturnal comfort; it’s an investment for roughly ten years of your life. With that in mind, why not pick some of the best and longest-lasting that you can afford. Comfortable, hypoallergenic products like a buckwheat pillow and a soothing weighted blanket can make all the difference when you’re nervously settling into a new place.

Add in a cooling mattress protector for extra durability and you’re pretty much guaranteed a relaxing night’s sleep even in an unfamiliar environment. While enduring the stress of moving, rest is crucial.


Moving into a new home shouldn’t be stressful. It’s an adventure and should be treated as such. Get the things you need to feel at home and worry less while settling into your cosy new den.


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