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Monk Disrobed After Being Caught Drinking Alcohol with Woman

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Monk Disrobed After Being Caught Drinking Alcohol with Woman

In southern Thailand, a monk from a notable temple has been disrobed for donning layman’s clothing so he could pick up a woman. After picking her up, the monk then drank with her on a beach in Hat Yai district at night.

When the police searched his car, they found his saffron robes and condoms in his bag.

On Wednesday night, a team of police officers from Hat Yai police monitored monk Phra Ratchaphol Inthasorn at Wat Khok Samankhun after an inappropriate behaviour complaint was filed.

Police observed Phra Ratchaphol leave the temple, pick up a woman in his car, and proceed to the Hat Yai city district around 9 p.m. Afterwards, the woman got out of the car and purchased alcoholic beverages at a convenience store.

Later, the monk parked opposite a restaurant on Chalathat beach road. After getting out of the car, they walked to the beach and sat down for drinks.

Police requested a search when the pair returned to the car. A bag containing condoms and saffron robes was found in the car by the officers.

Phra Ratchaphol was taken back to Wat Khok Samankhun by the police and informed of his conduct by the abbot. Phra Ratchaphol was then defrocked.

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