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Microsoft’s President’s Day ChatGPT Faces Competition From China In AI Development



Microsoft's President's Day ChatGPT Faces Competition From China In AI Development

(CTN News) – According to ChatGPT Microsoft President Brad Smith, Chinese research organizations and companies are likely to become major rivals of ChatGPT when developing generative AI technologies.

It was Smith who stated in an interview with Nikkei Asia that China would not be left behind in the race for innovation and to become a major player in the field of generative artificial intelligence.

The President of Microsoft sees China as a key competitor in the race for ChatGPT generative artificial intelligence.

Smith identified this technology as being at the forefront of innovation by three organizations: ChatGPT OpenAI with Microsoft, Google, and the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence.

As he stated, the competition to innovate in the development of generative artificial intelligence is “enormously competitive” and the gap between the leading organizations is almost always measured in months, not years, as he argued.

This technology, which is called generative artificial intelligence, also known as ChatGPT, has the ability to generate text and images of near-human quality with the help of artificial intelligence.

In spite of this, there are concerns that the technology could displace workers by automating many tasks, as well as being used to spread misinformation, infringe on copyrights, compromise privacy, and leak sensitive information if misused.

In Smith’s opinion, the solution to such concerns is not to stop innovation, but rather to use and improve the existing products in order to address such concerns.

Likewise, he says, AI can also be used as a weapon, since it can be used in combination with other technologies to combat a target, such as cyber-attacks in the past.

In his presentation, Smith discussed how the technology could be used to address labor shortages, which are one of Asia’s greatest challenges.

People of working age are being forced to support more people who have retired and are now dependent on the economic growth of those who are working to support themselves.

In order to continue to increase productivity, it is therefore necessary to find new sources of productivity growth.

Smith believes that if the best minds of people can be combined with the best technology, then it may be possible for us to outperform our adversaries who are attacking the world’s democracies in this area.

In addition, he stated that ChatGPT and Microsoft are already using artificial intelligence to detect and intercept cyberattacks in real-time and intercept them as soon as they emerge.

Also, they use AI in order to detect cyber-influence operations of foreign governments and disinformation campaigns in order to attract them to their country.


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