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India Now has AI News Anchors: Meet Lisa, the First AI-Generated News Presenter



India Now has AI News Anchors Meet Lisa, the First AI-Generated News Presenter

(CTN News) – The world of news anchoring is witnessing a silent but significant transformation as artificial intelligence (AI) makes its way to the news reader’s desk.

In April, India experienced its first encounter with AI-generated anchors, with one of them named Lisa, taking her place as a news presenter on Odisha TV, a local station broadcasting in eastern India.

Though Lisa appears remarkably human-like at first glance, her subtle robotic features, slow blinking, and stuttering motion reveal her true nature. This AI news reader marks the advent of a robotic revolution that has already spread to countries like Indonesia, Taiwan, Kuwait, Malaysia, and China.

As Lisa joins the league of AI-generated presenters, it raises questions about its potential impact on traditional newsroom roles and whether cost-saving measures drove this development.

Lisa’s Human-Like Appearance:

Lisa’s AI-generated persona resembles human news presenters, almost deceiving listeners into mistaking her for a real person, particularly when playing in the background of offices, cafes, and hospital rooms.

However, closer observation reveals her robotic monotone and the absence of the subtle tonal shifts that human presenters employ. Despite these audio and video sync discrepancies, Lisa’s delivery is serviceable and provides an acceptable match for the continuous news cycle of a 24-hour medium.

The Global Trend of AI News Readers:

Lisa’s introduction to the Indian news landscape mirrors a larger global trend. Newsrooms in countries like Indonesia, Taiwan, Kuwait, Malaysia, and China have already embraced AI-generated presenters. The rise of AI news readers is no longer on the horizon; it’s already here, reshaping how news is delivered and consumed.

Impact on Traditional Newsroom Roles:

As AI news anchors become more prevalent, questions arise about their impact on traditional newsroom jobs. While Odisha TV’s managing director, Jagi Mangat Panda, believes AI-generated anchors like Lisa can handle repetitive and data analytical tasks, allowing human news professionals to focus on new angles and creative work, concerns about job displacement persist.


Lisa’s arrival as India’s first AI-generated news anchor on Odisha TV marks a significant milestone in the newsroom robotic revolution. With her human-like appearance and serviceable delivery, Lisa is poised to become a formidable partner in the news industry.

However, the widespread adoption of AI news readers also raises questions about the future of human news presenters and the potential shift in roles within newsrooms. As technology evolves, the delicate balance between AI-driven efficiency and the human touch in journalism remains an ongoing debate.

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