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KBO Breeze Electric Bike Review 2021

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KBO Breeze Electric Bike

KBO Breeze Electric Bike: Everyone has that activity that catches their fancy; everyone has those tools and equipment that make them smile; everyone has the product that causes them to surf the internet time after time. What is yours?

This article will particularly interest people who are into cycling and people interested in E-bikes; it gives an exposition on the KBO Breeze electric bike and what you are expected to get from it. You might be crazy about the latest electric bikes in town, or you may be a person who doesn’t know much about electric bikes; no matter the category you belong to, this article has a lot to offer you.

It is important for anyone who will purchase anything to be familiar to a certain degree with whatever is going to be purchased. Getting informed about what you plan to purchase keeps you a step ahead in getting your desired product. This is why articles like this that focus on reviewing certain products are necessary. The focus of this article is the KBO Breeze electric bike, and trust me; there is a lot that will interest you about this bike.

Why don’t we delve into the world of the KBO Breeze electric bike?

The KBO bikes stormed the scenes about last year, intending to provide people with affordable bikes with a lot of functionality. Since then, these bikes have no bout been a force to reckon with in the world of bikes.

It is worthy of note that the KBO Breeze electric bike is a commuter bike that comes with a bunch of accessories and interesting, valuable features and ranges that make it a sought-after electric bike. These features, accessories, and range are easily what you find with a much more expensive bike. Hence, the brand upholds its aim of bringing affordability and functionality together.


The KBO Breeze bike is specially tailored towards the needs of commuters. It comes with a street-friendly set of Panasonic tires which are puncture-resistant and have some extra volume that is instrumental in taking the edge off the roads.


The saddle of the KBO Breeze bike comes in plush material and sports a perfect blend between comfort and weight. This ensures that you enjoy enough comfort while pedalling and provides excellent gel padding. The saddle also has an integrated handle as an exciting addition which makes it pretty easy for you to place the bike on a rack or into a truck as the case may be.


Usually, when it comes to commuter bikes and other products in the category, one of the essential things people are interested in is the range. I can imagine that this is the part you have been waiting for. The KBO Breeze electric bike delivers a range of about 30-55 miles after every charge, and you will agree with me that that’s a pretty impressive range for an electric bike priced at $1,399. After the range of this bike was tested, it was discovered that it delivered the expected range and consistently exceeded the expected range. You can be at rest knowing that it meets the stipulated range and can always pass it depending on what you desire. The smooth-rolling tires and the effective 500-watt motor have a significant role to play in ensuring that this electric bike delivers the kind of range it delivers. 500-watt power motors are increasingly becoming the go-to option for power for motors. This is because they deliver enough power to navigate through steeper inclines. Note that the KBO Breeze’s rear hub motor can averagely deliver 500 watts of power and can get to deliver about 800 watts of power at its peak. It is possible to reach out for some extra power that surpasses the amount of power delivered by the pedal assist. This is made possible by the twist throttle on the proper grip.


The KBO Breeze electric bike comes with a 16Ah, 768 Wh Retention Dorado+ battery built with Samsung cells and larger than the standard battery found in most value electronic bikes. An exciting feature of this battery is that it is removable; this means you can get a second battery and replace the other battery, especially if you are on a long trip. Another captivating feature that this battery has to offer is that it has a power button. Consequently, you have to turn on the battery’s power button before you can power the bike from its handlebars.

The brand KBO bikes provide an avenue to purchase a second battery to ensure the bike’s longevity when on longer trips. This enables you to cover many miles without worrying about recharging and making stops for hours. Note that multi-battery rides have keys that you need to change batteries. Without these keys, it is impossible to change batteries. Therefore, ensure that you go with the keys whenever you have it in mind to change batteries.


The KBO Breeze electric bike has a rear rack that enables you to use a basket, panniers, or a rack bag while riding. You can keep things in the basket or rack bag without bothering about whether they will fall off or not. Together with the bike, the rack makes the bike a complete package and prevents you from going through the stress of getting a long list of accessories just to hit the ground running.

Aluminium Fenders

Aluminium fenders come in handy to ensure you can ride the bike anywhere and everywhere without worrying about the harshness of the weather.

LED Lights

This electric bike has integrated front and rear LED lights that help ensure you have a good view of the road and make the bike visible to vehicles in the dark.

Meet The KBO Breeze: The Ultimate eBike Commuter For Work or Recreation - Magnetic Magazine

Important points to note about the KBO Breeze bike

  • Assembling the bike may not be as easy as assembling other bikes; nevertheless, it can be done within one hour.
  • If you are not so comfortable assembling the bike, you can always seek professional help, making things easier and giving you a fantastic biking experience.
  • The range the bike offers pretty much stands out when considering other bikes and when considering its affordability in view. Also, the allowance for having a second battery is a fantastic addition.
  • The inclusion of the lights, the fenders, and the rack make it very easy to get the bike into full use without worrying about getting accessories.

KBO Breeze electric bike specs in detail

  • Range: It offers a range of about 30-55 miles per charge
  • Battery: It comes with a 48V, 16Ah Lithium-ion battery made from Samsung cells
  • Charging time: It takes an average of hours until full charge
  • Motor: The KBO Breeze electric bike comes with a 500-watt average power, an 800-watt peak power with a brushless geared hub motor
  • Saddle: The saddle is a very comfortable, sturdy saddle that cushions the effect of bumps while riding on the road. You can move the saddle up or down or sideways to ensure that it fits into what you want.
  • LCD Backlight display: The bike comes with a display that provides you with sufficient information to monitor your riding necessities.
  • Kickstand: It comes with a heavy-duty kickstand made from aluminium alloy and is strong, durable, and rust-resistant.
  • Shimano 7 speed gear shifter: This gear shifter is specially structured for your riding experience and gives room for changing gears to adapt to the demands of various terrains.
  • Mechanical disc brakes: It comes with a sensitive brake system with front and rear disc rotors that supply adequate braking force even in the most challenging conditions.
  • Tires: The tires are made with top-quality materials which are made resistant to puncture. The tires are also a little wider than the average tire, making your rides more balanced and smoother.
  • Front suspension fork: The suspension fork made from aluminium comes with an 80mm dimension of travel, preload, adjustment, and lockout. Furthermore, it offers an excellent damping effect that reduces bumps when navigating through rough roads.

KBO Breeze electric bike review: A leisurely e-bike with real commuter potential - Opera News

Having considered what the KBO Breeze electric bike is all about and what it has to offer, what next?

It is not enough to just get informed about a particular product; you have the responsibility to act on the information you have at your disposal. You have been exposed to the specifications and a bunch of things that this electric bike has to offer, which makes it possible for you to make an informed choice. This might be the springboard to an exciting riding experience, and you wouldn’t know until you take the step and go for the bike. It is affordable and offers a lot of functionality, making it an excellent choice for bikers. The question is, what are you waiting for?



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