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Learning How to Clean an Electric Bike



Learning How to Clean an Electric Bike

It is a fact that keeping your electric bike clean makes it works better as well as lasts longer. In this article, we shall discuss ways to clean your electric bike. While cleaning your electric bike doesn’t sound like a fun chore, it is an important process that if ignored would permanently damage your electric bike, hence, it must be taken seriously. Let’s get started!

Items you need to clean your electric bike

You will need a few items to clean your ebike, these include; a hose ( or a bucket of water ), a poly-film, brushes, and a sponge, a bicycle cleaning agent (or soap), a brake cleaner, chain lube, and lastly, a bike degreaser. Of course, you need an electric bike too, get your KBO Breeze step through bike today.

How often should you clean your electric bike?

This question is quite popular with ebike owners, with most people neglecting this process entirely or not cleaning as often as they should. It’s easy to ignore cleaning your electric bike if you do not ride it as often or if you reside in the city as your electric bike would always “look” clean compared to mountain bikes.

Learning How to Clean an Electric Bike

However, you are riding an electric bike with electric components, mechanisms, and circuits that require periodic care and cleaning to keep the electric bike running smoothly as well as extend the battery life. As you ride, dust, saltpetre, and other debris are gathered in the battery’s compartment, if left uncleaned, these will slowly but surely affect the performance of your electric bike. Here is a review between KBO Breeze Step through and aventon PACE 500.

Having said that, there is no fixed answer to the question of when you should clean your electric bike. This is because it is dependent on various factors specific to you, factors like;

  • How often do you ride your electric bike

  • The type of terrain you ride on

  • The current season.

While an electric bike used once a day in the city would need cleaning once every month, if you ride it through snow and mud as a commuter, your electric bike would require more frequent cleaning.

If you use your bike in the city once a day, you must clean it once a month, or twice at the very most. If you use yours for extreme commuting or on muddy trails, you should clean your electric bike every weekend.

While cleaning your electric bike as frequently as once a week sounds like hard work, the benefits this brings outweighs the work and discomfort. Also, it takes less than 30 minutes to clean your electric bike following the tips listed in this article.

Preparations you should make before cleaning

Remove your electric bike’s battery and, the displays if possible. Use a cloth to cover displays that are permanently mounted such as the Purion or remote keys.

clean electric bike

How to clean your electric bike

Rinse down your bike

Using a garden hose (not a pressure hose or any high-powered hose as this can push dirt to sensitive areas) rinse your electric bike, hose down your electric bike thoroughly to remove mud and any excess dirt.

Fill the bucket with water and pour in your chosen electric bike cleaning agent (or liquid soap).

Apply degreaser

Apply the degreaser on the chains, chainrings, derailleurs, and cassette, taking care to avoid the brake pads, callipers, and rotors. When the degreaser gets inside these parts, it can lead to squeaky brakes and other contamination. Let the solution sit soaking in for a minimum of 10 minutes to dry while you continue cleaning your ebike.

Wash your bike

Apply the water mixed with the bike washing agent after the degreaser is dried. Ensure you do not skimp on the water and soap, your bike needs it to be clean and the battery in an electric bike is waterproof. Using the sponge, thoroughly scrub down your electric bike, taking frequent breaks to dip your sponges into your washing water.

An excellent way to clean off all excess grease on your chain is gently turning the pedals while holding a sponge to the chain. Continue scrubbing until you are satisfied and convinced that the entire bike is clean, and then using a garden hose, rinse the lather off the bike.

Drying your bike

Using a soft towel, gently wipe the bike dry, paying attention to the drivetrain, bolts, and other parts that might hold water. Remove any excess water from your electric bike by letting it sit out in the sun or gently bouncing it on the tires.

Lube and grease your bike

Do not let the chain dry out, ensure that you lubricate it with a good chain oil after cleaning. There are two types of lube available, depending on the season, when it’s summer, use a dry lube while using a wet lube in the winter. Finally, using a light oil spray, lube the cables.

Check your tires

While technically not part of washing an electric bike, this is how all my washes end. Always remember to check the tires of your electric bike, keeping them properly inflated.

Store properly

Lastly, after washing your electric bike, store it properly away from the elements. Storing your electric bike properly helps keep it clean for longer as well as keep it in good working condition.

In summary, use a damp cloth to clean your electric bike frames, use a degreaser for the chains and remember to keep it lubricated after every wash. Following these steps would ensure that your electric bike stays clean which does wonders on the overall performance of the electric bike. Need quality and a durable electric bike? Get one at KBO electric cycles today or book a test ride. KBO Bike provides a 2-year warranty and free shipping.


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