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IVF In Ukraine: Affordable And Successful



IVF In Ukraine

IVF In Ukraine treatment for infertility is becoming more and more popular in Ukraine with people who are opting to have IVF treatment abroad. There are many advantages and benefits of IVF treatment in Ukraine.

Affordable IVF Cost:

The key driver is the cost of IVF in Ukraine, like the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine, which is so much lower than in Europe and the USA.

Legal Advantages of IVF in Ukraine:

This, together with the laws surrounding donor egg treatment, makes it attractive to many people. There is no legal age limit for IVF treatment in Ukraine. However, it is usual that no access to treatment is allowed over the age of 51 years because of potential health problems.

High Success Rates

With world-class embryologists, medical facilities and cutting-edge technology, success rates with all types of IVF in Ukraine are equal or better to Western countries.

Most Asked Questions Answered

This article strives to answer the questions that are always top of mind when looking for an international IVF program, or for that matter, IVF anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About IVF in Ukraine

Each couple or single woman going through IVF is unique and will have personalized treatment adjusted daily, if necessary, with constant oversight by doctors.

What IVF Programs Would Be Available in Ukraine?

There are a number of IVF programs available for you in Ukraine:

• IVF with egg donation

• IVF with your oocytes and sperm donation

• IVF with your own oocytes and sperm

  • Gender selection

• Embryo donation programs

  • Mitochondrial DNA/Cytoplasmic/Spindle and Nucleus transfers

– All IVF fertilization is done with ICSI.

How Does the Cost of Ukrainian IVF Compare to the USA?

The average cost of one cycle of IVF is more than $20,000, according to Fertility IQ. The total cost of IVF is generally between $20,000 and $30,000 with everything included.

What is the Cost of IVF in Ukraine?

These costs are approximate because we work with several excellent clinics and address individual needs and challenges to maximize your success.

They start at under $9,000 all-inclusive.

Our Guaranteed Programs Available and What Does Guaranteed Mean?

• Donor oocytes – Unlimited IVF cycles and transfers until your child is successfully born.

• Own oocytes – Unlimited IVF cycles and transfers as above with your own oocytes (not donor oocytes) until your child is successfully born.

Can Couples Choose the Child’s Gender?

Yes, in Ukraine the gender selection is completely legal and common practice.

Are There Hidden Costs?

The only costs not included in the programs are:

• Medicines for stimulation for egg retrieval (Approximately $1200 – included in guaranteed programs)

• (Donor medicines included)

• Medicines for endometrium stimulation. (Approximately $300 – included in guaranteed programs.)

• Hormones for maintaining the pregnancy.

• Flights

• Transportation in Ukraine

• Accommodation and food

What Are the Success Rates For IVF in Ukraine?

Stated success rates are averages and doctors always take a close look at every individual situation and provide an honest assessment of success. They also depend on so many factors such as your age, hormone levels and the type of surrogacy. On average the success rates are very high, approximately 80% for the first transfer.

Common IVF Questions: Is In Vitro Fertilization Painful? – Laurel Fertility  Care

How is an Egg Donor Chosen and What Information is Provided?

In Ukraine, legally all egg and sperm donors are anonymous. For international patients, your egg donors can be identifiable on unique occasions. There are also elite and VIP donors available at additional costs.

Based on characteristics and requirements donor profiles will be presented to review until the perfect match is found.

How Many Times is Travel to Ukraine Necessary, and For How Long?

IVF with Own Oocytes – This program requires you to travel to Ukraine twice.

• The first for stimulation process and egg retrieval, which takes 7-14 days. This can be minimized by starting stimulation at home.

• Second trip – embryo transfer. It takes just 3-4 days in Ukraine.

IVF with Donor Oocytes – This program requires travel to Ukraine only once for embryo transfer for approximately 3-4 days (Sperm can be shipped also or donated in person in Ukraine).

Are There Age Limits for IVF in Ukraine?

There is no legal age limit for IVF treatment in Ukraine. However, often it is not possible after 51 years old due to potential health problems. Tests could still confirm eligibility.

AMH levels are very important. To participate AMH must be 0.5 or higher.

Who Can Not Do IVF in Ukraine?

Someone with HIV, Hepatitis B, C or RW Syphilis positive.

Can a Single Woman Get IVF?


Can a Lesbian Couple Do IVF?

Yes, it Is completely legal and acceptable.

What is the Quality of IVF Clinics in Ukraine?

World-class! Embryologists and doctors have studied abroad and have done tens of thousands of IVF cycles. They have advanced techniques that are not available in most countries.

As an independent international agency, Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency screens all clinics we work with to ensure they have the highest level of success and services. The meets the standards of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and the American Reproductive Society of Medicine (ARSM). Delivering dreams serves mostly European and American patients helping ensure a smooth process.

IVF clinics in Ukraine need a license to operate from the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine. They get inspected every three years to ensure that they comply. In addition, some fertility clinics will have further audits and may well have ISO certification too.

IVF results from clinics get submitted annually to the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine. This data is also reported to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and the American Reproductive Society of Medicine (ARSM).

Most importantly, you are treated like a VIP. No waits, the ability to have direct access to doctors and other medical professionals round the clock and compassionate and supportive care.

Child Baby Baptism - Free photo on Pixabay

What Logistical Support is Provided?

All programs with Delivering Dreams include airport transfers and translation at all meetings with medical professionals. There will always be a customer service manager at all your appointments. Assistance and guidance are provided in locating accommodations and the information and support required to enjoy the stay during the IVF procedure.

How Fast Can One Start?

As soon as the doctors review basic test results, the program can start right away. Exact dates will depend on the time of the menstrual cycle.

Now is a Great Time to Take the First Step!



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