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Cosmetic Surgeon Duped Out of Over a Million US



Cosmetic Surgeon Duped Out of Over a Million US

Crime Suppression Division police have arrested a man who posed as a high-society businessman and allegedly cheated a cosmetic surgeon out of over a million US.

Mr Wasant Thiamsiri, 43, was arrested on Tuesday in a building in the Chong Nonsee area of Bangkok’s Yannawa district by Crime Suppression Division police armed with a warrant dated Nov 17, 2021.

Police Maj Gen Montree said the arrest was the result of a complaint made by a cosmetic surgeon in Bangkok.

The woman claimed that Mr Wasant courted her in 2017 and claimed to be a high society businessman. After falling in love with him, she began dating him.

Mr Wasant persuaded the cosmetic surgeon to invest in luxury condos in the Pathumwan and Ratchathewi areas, where they could both reside together, according to the CSD chief. The condominiums were paid for in instalments of US$475,000 through Mr Wasant.

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She claimed that Mr Wasant persuaded her to invest another US$597,000 to buy and sell used luxury cars, including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lamborghini, and Porsche, with her as the investor and he as the manager.

Profits were to be shared equally between them.

Eventually, she learned he had deceived her. Instead of buying the condos, he rented them. As for the money Mr Wasant used to purchase luxury cars, he only rented them to show her.

In total, she claims Mr Wasant cheated her out of US$1,075,000.00.

In addition to falsifying documents, he was also suspected of using fake documents and swindling.

He has of course denied all the allegations.

It was reported that Mr Wasant had a criminal history. He was earlier charged with embezzlement of US$26,900.00
A legal proceeding has been initiated against him by CSD’s 5th sub-division.

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