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Iran Launches Illegal Missile Strike into Pakistan Killing 3 Children

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Iran Launches Illegal Missile Strike on Pakistan Killing 3 Children

Pakistan claims thee children were killed and three others injured in strikes by neighboring Iran on Tuesday. Iran claimed to have hit two bases related to the extremist group Jaish al-Adl, according to a military-affiliated news agency.

It makes Pakistan the third country attacked by an Iranian attack in as many days, following Iraq and Syria. According to Pakistan’s foreign ministry, the “illegal” strikes could have “serious consequences”.

In a statement, it noted that terrorism is a “common threat” and that “unilateral acts are incompatible with good neighbourly relations.”

Iran’s missile attack on its neighbour Pakistan is nearly unique. The walkout on Tuesday struck a community in Balochistan, the huge south-western region that borders both countries.

Both governments have long been concerned about security on either side of their shared border, which spans approximately 900 kilometers (559 miles) the BBC reports.

Iraq Erbil damaged building 160124

For decades, Pakistan and Iran have fought armed separatist organizations such as Jaish al-Adl in the thinly populated region. Tehran has connected the group to strikes last month along the border that killed more than a dozen Iranian police officers.

At the time, Iran’s interior minister, Ahmad Vahidi, stated that the terrorists responsible had entered the country through Pakistan.

Jaish al-Adl is the “most active and influential” Sunni extremist group operating in Sistan-Baluchestan, according to the US Director of National Intelligence’s office.

Jaish al-Adl, or “Army of Justice,” is a Sunni militant group located in Iran’s Sistan and Baluchestan Province.

It formed in 2012 as a splinter group of Jundallah, another violent organization active in the region. The gang, mostly made up of Baloch tribesmen, is notorious for its radical beliefs and deadly actions.


The group has carried out multiple attacks against Iranian security personnel, primarily targeting border regions. Furthermore, they have been responsible for kidnappings and executions, instilling terror and instability in the region.

The attacks by Jaish al-Adl have not only resulted in casualties and property damage, but they have also had an impact on civilian lives, disturbing normalcy and peace in the targeted communities.

Iran’s recent attacks on purported Jaish al-Adl facilities in Pakistan show the group’s global activities. This has aroused worries about cross-border militancy and the importance of coordinated measures to confront such threats.

The world community condemned Jaish al-Adl’s acts and called for a coordinated effort to address the core causes of extremism in the region.

Jaish al-Adl pose a substantial threat to regional stability and security. Its radical ideology and violent deeds necessitate a determined and sustained response to counter its effect.

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