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In a Single Week, AMC Theatres Had Its Highest Revenue Ever

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In a Single Week, AMC Theatres Had Its Highest Revenue Ever

(CTN News) – During the week of July 21 to July 27, AMC Theatres earned the most admissions revenue it has ever earned in a single week in the history of the company.

It has been reported by ABC News that this history-making week in the history of the company can be attributed to the release of the films “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer,” while the films “Mission: Impossible” and “Sound of Freedom” also contributed to the high amount of ticket sales that were recorded.

What was the reason behind AMC’s highest grossing week in history?

In a recent report by The Deseret News, it was reported that “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer,” aka Barbenheimer, were considered “the most anticipated films of the summer” because of their release date.

According to a news release issued by AMC, Chairman Adam Aron commented on the success of ‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’, saying, “The monumental success of ‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’ has the entire movie and movie theater industry buzzing, with discussions of new records and new benchmarks being set seemingly everywhere you look.”.

In addition to setting past records for the company as a whole, this history-making week also broke individual records for 65 U.S. location of AMC theaters, including 13 locations in Los Angeles.

In addition, Aron expressed gratitude to many of his Hollywood friends for releasing so many successful films that have graced our theaters, especially over the last few months. There is a profound sense of gratitude we feel towards studios, filmmakers, cast and crew.”

Is the moviegoing industry still thriving?

While the total number of movie theater screens has decreased since 2019, movie theaters are not dying out – they have evolved and are “still big.”

In general, retail is repositioning itself, and there are fewer and fewer branded stores in the marketplace,” the chairman of the National Association of Theatre Owners, Rolando Rodriguez, recently stated. “Consumers are a lot more selective now, and for the economic reasons, you will not see these 30-plexes anymore.”

In the AMC statement, Aron stated, “Achieving the highest admissions revenue in a single week in AMC’s storied 103-year history is a testament to the moviegoing audience, who has demonstrated once again that they are eager, willing, and ready to come out to movie theaters in large numbers.

I would like to thank our guests for choosing AMC Theatres in the United States and ODEON Cinemas abroad.”


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