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Identifying Dehydration Symptoms This Season



Identifying Dehydration Symptoms This Season

(CTN News) – When your body does not receive enough water to function properly, it becomes dehydrated. Dehydration can be mild, moderate, or severe depending on how much bodily fluid is lost.

Health issues such as heat strokes, dehydration, uneasiness, etc. are being reported frequently as the temperature rises steadily throughout the country.

As long as you engage in physical activity regularly or sweat excessively, you are at a high risk of dehydration, so if you exercise regularly or sweat excessively, you may encounter one of these problems soon.

While exercising for a long period of time, it is recommended that you drink electrolyte solutions regularly.

How does dehydration occur?

A condition known as dehydration occurs when the body loses excessive amounts of fluids. It occurs when your body is losing more fluid than it is consuming, causing it to become dehydrated.

How does dehydration occur?

There are several reasons why you may become dehydrated:

A diarrheal illness

Violations of the stomach

Too much sweating

Certain medicines and illnesses can cause excessive urination

A fever is present

Insufficient drinking

Dehydration Symptoms and Signs

It is common for many of us to suffer from uncomfortable symptoms during the summer months without realizing the underlying cause.

The following are the key signs and symptoms of dehydration:

Thirst is intense

The mouth is dry


There is a headache

Feeling dizzy

Chronic dehydration may result in constipation, dry skin, and decreased yellow urine production.

Follow these expert tips to protect your heart during the summer heat

What are the risks associated with dehydration?

Some individuals are more prone to dehydration than others:

In the elderly, people may lose their sense of thirst and fail to drink enough water as they age.

As a child grows, he or she is more likely to experience vomiting or diarrhoea than adults.

It is recommended for people who suffer from long-term conditions such as diabetes, cystic fibrosis, or renal issues, which cause them to pee or perspire more often.

People who take medications that increase their need to urinate or sweat as a result of taking these medications

It is especially dangerous for those who exercise or workout outdoors in the scorching sun during the summer

In case of dehydration, here are some remedies that can help

The most effective way to treat dehydration is to drink water. Is this true? No, I don’t! You can exacerbate your problems by drinking too much plain water without electrolytes in it, leading to a loss of electrolytes, further depleting your electrolyte stores.

In mild cases, you may simply need to drink enough water to stay hydrated. It may be beneficial to consume a sports drink if you have lost electrolytes.

There are other oral rehydration products available for children. Each of these medications can be obtained without a prescription. The treatment of severe cases may include intravenous fluids and salt administered in hospitals.

Fluids and electrolytes should be consumed in addition to fluids. The sodium, potassium, and magnesium can be added to your water in order to achieve this.

Fruits such as bananas and coconut water are rich sources of potassium and contain electrolytes naturally.


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