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How Smoking Affects Your Skin Appearance

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How Smoking Affects Your Skin Appearance

(CTN News) – Smoking has harmful effects on the body, including an increased risk of lung cancer, heart disease, and stroke. It is not just your internal organs that are adversely affected by smoking; your skin is also affected.

To learn more about how this affects your appearance and what you can do to protect your skin, please read this article.

Do you know why smoking is harmful to your health?

1) The appearance of wrinkles

This causes premature aging of the skin and makes you appear older than you actually are. As a result of smoking, your skin’s collagen and elastin are damaged, causing wrinkles to appear earlier than they would otherwise.

Furthermore, it causes damage to the blood vessels that supply oxygen to the outer layers of the skin. Over time, telangiectasia (tiny red veins) may develop on your cheeks, nose, or other areas that have been exposed to smoke.

2) Skin and eye dryness

The skin and eyes are two of the most visible areas of your body that are affected by smoking. Constrictions in your skin’s blood vessels will result in less blood and oxygen reaching your skin. Dry eyes and skin can lead to wrinkles as a result.

Taking it can also reduce saliva production in your mouth, which can cause dryness and ulcerations on your lips and tongue. A burning sensation may result when eating certain foods, such as hot peppers or spicy curries – or even when drinking coffee!

3) A puffy appearance

As a result of fluid retention, puffiness occurs when the body’s tissues store more water than they need. There are many things that can cause it, including lack of sleep, stress, and changes in the weather.

The result can be puffiness in your face because it constricts your blood vessels, not only those that carry blood through your body but also those in your face.

Swelling occurs around the eyes, cheeks, and other parts of the face where there are many capillaries (tiny blood vessels) because there is less oxygenated blood flowing.

4) Skin yellowing

This makes your skin age faster, as you might expect. Furthermore, it contributes to a dull appearance not only by speeding up the natural aging process, but also by yellowing the skin.

In addition to wrinkles, it can cause other visible signs of aging. By restricting blood vessels, smoking prevents oxygen from flowing freely. By restricting blood flow, you damage surrounding tissues, including your skin.

5) Under-eye dark circles

A night of smoking may leave your eyes looking like they’ve been crying. This area of the skin appears darker and the blood vessels are enlarged. Aging begins with this.

6) Aging prematurely

There is a possibility that this can lead to wrinkles and puffiness. This is due to nicotine’s vasoconstrictive properties. In turn, this reduces the amount of oxygen in your body and accelerates the aging process of your skin.

Among the carcinogenic chemicals found in cigarettes, tar, arsenic, and benzene are responsible for the yellowing of skin.


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